Monday, 1 July 2013

Mango and mozzarella salad

Last week I bought a box of wonderfully ripe mangoes from Pakistan at the local market. The aroma was amazing, sweet and luscious. I often add the sliced mango to the fruit salad or make a smoothie, but was wondering if I could pair it with the mozzarella, to copy the Insalata Caprese, using the mango instead of the tomatoes. And here is my Mango and mozzarella salad. It is definitely not an Italian recipe, more of a twist on a classic. You can ask, why change the classic recipe which works well? I love the Insalata Caprese, but was surprised how nicely mozzarella and mango go together, and very glad that I tried this combination.

Mango and mozzarella salad
1 ripe mango
1 mozzarella (125g light mozzarella)
a handful of basil leaves and pea shoots
2tbsp olive oil
a good squeeze of lemon juice
sea salt
Fresh Gourmet basil pesto ciabatta croutons

Slice the mango. Drain the mozzarella and slice it as well. Arrange on a plate, interchanging slices of mango and mozzarella.
Prepare the dressing by whizzing a handful of basil leaves, pea shoots with the olive oil and lemon juice, season well with salt.

Sprinkle the dressing on top of the salad, add the pesto-flavoured ciabatta croutons.

Fresh Gourmet basil pesto ciabatta croutons are made from artisan bread. They were very moreish, after I added them to the salad, I kept eating the croutons straight from the bag. They are deliciously salty and crunchy, the pesto works very well with the ciabatta, combining these two Italian flavours beautifully.
If like me, you enjoy your salads with crunchy bits, I would recommend trying these flavourful croutons.

The number one brand of croutons and toppings in the USA has now launched in the UK, offering busy cooks the crunch, flavour and texture that transforms everyday dishes into memorable meals in minutes.

"Fresh Gourmet is the biggest provider of salad toppings, especially croutons, in the US and have brought their delicious products exclusively to UK Tesco stores to inspire us Brits to become more creative with our salads. The range includes three crunchy crouton flavours – Cheese and Garlic, Basil Pesto and Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper – along with Crispy Onions and is ideal for people who like a salad in the summer but need that added texture to jazz up the dish".

Disclosure: I received a selection of Fresh Gourmet croutons for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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  1. Galina. A very interesting combination indeed!

  2. Not a huge fan of mango, but have to say, this has tempted me to try it again as I love mozarella!

  3. I love mangos, fresh and or pulped into a juice but I would never have thought of pairing them with mozarella. I might give it a try or I might stick to tomatoes :-)

  4. I have a mango thing at the moment Galina - I'll have to try that. Interesting combination.

  5. mango salad sounds delicious, what a great idea! @kathvbtn

  6. wouldnt have put these two together but it sound very nice and my hubby would love it

  7. This sounds heavenly, going to give this one a go. x

  8. would love to give this a go

  9. always looking for different ideas for lunch, think i have to go shopping for mangos and mozzarella