Monday, 1 July 2013

Back at Cogges

Since we visited the Cogges Manor Farm a couple of weeks ago, Eddie hasn't stopped taking about the animals on the farm and the house with the ghost. He cautiously asks me if there is a ghost under his bed, and when I jokingly tell him to go under the bed and check it out, he slowly steps back and tells me: "Silly Mama, there is only dust under the bed".
It was such a lovely warm day yesterday that we decided to pay a visit to Cogges again (you can read about our previous trip here). This time we got a set of seasonal tickets for us (except Eddie who can go free so far).

First the boys wanted to climb on the wooden tractor (I wish we had one like this in our garden).

Then we stopped at the cafe for a cup of tea, coffee, and lush pastries: homemade scone with clotted cream and jam or a strawberry tart. As Eddie wasn't keen on the pastries, I asked him if he wanted some crisps. To which my husband said "Junk food". Eddie piped in with his comment "Mama always gives me junk food". Erm, thank you, Eddie!

It was actually the day of the scarecrow festival, and you could see lots of scarecrows sitting around the yard. We didn't sit down for a painting activity, as my guys were keen to explore and go to the play area.

You can buy some feed for animals at the entrance, and we happily fed the pigs who munched the food we offered to them in a flash. We talked to the ducks, observed the sheep in the enclosed fields around the manor, admired the beautiful garden.
The most memorable thing Eddie is talking about? "We saw the sheep. It pooped".

The play area was very busy, we had to wait in the queue to get on the zip wire. I hope during the summer holidays, maybe during the week, we'll be able to come early and let Sasha ride the zip wire to his heart's content.

Last time we visited, it was raining, while yesterday it was getting hotter and hotter.
Bye for now, Cogges, see you soon!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect place to invest in an annual pass. Lovely to enjoy in the sunshine this time too. Thank you for popping over and linking up on Country Kids.

  2. Zip wire is always the popular choice! Sounds like a busy day out with lots to see and do. Eddie sounds like quite a character :)

  3. this place sounds and looks fantastic! this is right up our street for a place to visit!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

  4. What a lovely trip. I love that you told your son to look under the bed. I'm glad he only found dust under there! :)