Friday, 5 July 2013

Ozeri Green Earth Pan (review)

This week I have been testing The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri. I am always cautious when it comes to "non-stick" frying pans, as I have found in the past that the so called non-stick pans would be perfectly sticky despite all the promises. So did my new pan deliver its promise?

Products details:
  • "Utilizes GREBLON ceramic - an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free (no heavy metals or chemicals).
  • Innovative textured pan surface delivers unprecedented non-stick performance without releasing harmful fumes or toxins at high temperatures.
  • Features a scratch-resistant 100 percent ceramic coating that is super easy to clean.
  • Made out of durable heavy-gauge pure aluminum with no heavy metals or harmful chemicals.
  • Boasts a comfortable heat resistant silicon coated handle, and a magnetized induction stove safe base for rapid heat transfer."

What did I think of this product?
First of all, I was really impressed at how little of oil you need. In fact, any excessive addition of oil is not recommended so as not to cause the residue's build-up. I used a little spray of oil for cooking a variety of dishes, and it had perfect results every time. As you can see from the photos below and above, I tried different meals: vegetable stir-fry, chicken with asparagus and beans, veal cutlets in the orange sauce and even Welsh cakes (and more). And as you can see from my 10 seconds-long video, the fried eggs just slide off the pan into the plate (and I did have my good share of the fried eggs stuck to the pans in the past, including those which claim to be non-sticking).
It is very easy to clean with hot soapy water.
I've been testing a smaller size pan (20cm) but you could find bigger Green Earth pans on amazon.
I love the idea that it is environmentally-friendly.
I would mark it as 10/10, I could not find any fault with it.

Disclosure: I received the pan for the purposes of testing and reviewing, all opinions are mine.


  1. I have been wondering about these, look good. I may have to get one

  2. I really liked it and thinking of buying a bigger size as well.