Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ethereal Gorjuss girls: a new collection from Santoro

I am probably not the right demographic for the pretty girlie things but I cannot but fall in love with the Gorjuss range of products from Santoro. As a crafter, I have been a fan of the Gorjuss products for papercrafters for quite a while, and I have a selection of Gorjuss stamps and papers.

The Gorjuss style is very distinct and easily recognisable, and the name Gorjuss is an easy one to remember. Funnily enough, when I came across the stamps with this name for the first time, I thought they were a Scandinavian range. Only later I realised that Gorjuss is of course the child-like spelling for the child-like style of drawings, very apt.
The little Gorjuss ladies are looking solemn, ethereal and enchantingly vulnerable, they remind of the fairy tales and the haunted stories.

Gorjuss™ is one of the three "latest collections from luxury design house Santoro, launched with a range of contemporary accessories, gifts and stylized stationery. Building on its remarkable, award-winning history, husband and wife founders Meera and Lucio Santoro have pushed the boundaries of innovation and design with these new collectable ranges"

"Starting in a little studio off Carnaby Street, Santoro has gone from strength to strength, transforming into a global design powerhouse and winning over 40 international design awards and accolades along the way. Meera’s innate design prowess and eclectic taste combined with Lucio’s fascination for paper and innovation was an instant recipe for success. Now available at Santoro and top-end stores including Harrods, House of Fraser, Seibu, El Corte Ingl├ęs and Galeries Lafayette, the brand continues to break design barriers and develop inspiring creations. 
Santoro’s Gorjuss collection comprises bags, stationery, accessories, homeware, dolls, collectables, clothing, ceramics and much more. Simply Gorjuss!"

Image credit: Santoro

And now I am the lucky owner of a beautiful Gorjuss bag, it is very spacious, and has a good length shoulder strap. There's a good sized pocket inside for the wallet. And the design is, well, absolutely, Gorjuss.
On one side you see a young girl on a swing with a black cat on her lap. On the other side, the same girl is looking at you intensely. The sides show the trademark stripes in black and chocolate black. Even the inside lining is beautiful, it reminds me of the vintage damask fabrics. There's a black cat tag in felt, as you can see the bag is made with a great attention to detail, something you are used to expect from the Gorjuss range.
Overall palette is subdued and very elegant.
You can also get a matching purse.

Image credit: Santoro

I love mugs and cups, and these Gorjuss mugs are now on my wish list. And if you visit the Santoro online shop, you will find the most beautiful teapot which I am very tempted to buy. Of course, I have three teapots already and one might argue I do not need the 4th one (that's me having an imaginary conversation with my husband). On the other hand, I could always sneak it in and then say "Oh, I had it for ages!"

Image credit: Santoro

This Gorjuss large coated shoulder bag Ruby retails at £30, a very reasonable price for a designer bag.

For more information have a look at Gorjuss FB page.

Disclosure: I received this bag for the purposes of reviewing, all opinions are mine.

Those little unsmiley girls are set on conquering the world, as they have already conquered the hearts of many crafters.

And for your delectation here is a beautiful card made by my lovely friend and a talented crafter Karen Brown.


  1. Oh wow, I NEED one of these bags, and the purse is Gorjuss too!!! I love this image in particular, she's just beautiful. Off to have a look in the shop!!

  2. I want half of that shop, Kaz. :)

  3. My daughter has a jewellery box in this, it's so pretty. As for that first photo of that bag, I want it, it's lovely and I love the purse too.