Wednesday, 5 December 2012

VELCROing all the way

The quest for finding #101 uses for Velcro continues.
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Tip no.3create your own gift container (yet again crafts-related) by recycling an empty round box. I am a hoarder, a big time hoarder, and don't like throwing boxes or containers, ask my husband and he will sigh. I skip a heartbeat when I see a perfectly good box binned, so I save as many as possible by squirreling them in the attic. The box below was once a container for a Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg. I knew it would come handy one day.
Take one round box, two pieces of fabric (I have used the free fabric samples), attach them to the box with Velcro ribbon stick on along the top edge and lower edge. If you have a small wooden decoration, add it with a small round Velcro dot.

That's how the box looks on the side. Put the shredded coloured paper inside and any right size gift that you might want to give to your family member or a friend.

Tip 4. Keep a recipe clean while cooking: if you need to consult the right amount of ingredients while using a magazine or newspaper cutting, place it in a clear plastic pocket and Velcro the pocket to the kitchen wall or shelf for reference. Your hands might be messy but your recipe will stay clean.

Tip 5: Velcro Stick Ons are widely used with PECs (picture exchange communication system). Ask any parent with a child who has speech problems, and they will tell you: Velcro is a super medium for laminated PECs.

Tip 6: Velcro Reusable Ties are a great tool in the garden. Attach a laminated name tag to any plant with a colourful reusable tie.

Tip 7: Another use in the garden - Tie a raspberry (or any other) cane with a reusable tie.

Tip 8: hold the gas lighter in one place by adding a Velcro stick on to its back and another piece to the wall: you won't be looking for it again next time you need to use it.

Tip 9: Did you ever swear in the kitchen trying to find a candle when there is a power cut? Attach a candle to the fridge door with a Velcro stick on. Next time you need it, it will be there, waiting for you.

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