Tuesday, 4 December 2012

"Sooo funny" - bath time with Nuby

"Sooo funny", seems to be Eddie's favourite expression. Isn't it great to be two years old and find the world an irresistible place full of fun discoveries?! Like most kids of his age, Eddie loves his bath. The bath time turns into the splash time which is made even jollier with interactive toys like Nuby Tub Time Turtle. It is a very cute bright toy which floats on the water's surface, it doesn't go down and is always within easy reach.

Eddie seems to be fascinated by the waterfall effect and is happily lifting the turtle up from the water. The turtle's shell works as a sieve. The toy is soft enough for a younger child to chew.  As a parent, I appreciate that the toy is BPA free.

This toy is available from Nuby and Amazon. This purchase will help support Deaf Children's Literacy Project.

Nuby Bath Letters and Numbers is another fun bath product which is suitable for kids 3+. Eddie is 28 months old, but I think it is never too early to introduce kids to numbers and letters. We count lots of things with Eddie, he is repeating and learning, and is happy to count on his own (at the moment it is "one, two, three, seven, six, nine, ten", but we're getting there).

These soft foam letters and numbers can float in the water, they are so light, and stick easily when wet to the bath's surface.

The letters and numbers are very bright and colourful. I remember we used to have a similar bath toy (a different brand) when Sasha was younger, but once we moved house, they were hidden in the box in the shed. When I decided that it was time for Eddie to enjoy this toy, I have searched in the shed and realised that the mouse has shredded most of the parts, eeek.
Now we have a bright new set of letters and numbers, and one happy tot.
The foam is made of non-toxic material and is BPA free.

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