Sunday, 26 October 2014

Witch's hand

My broomstick is already polished for the coming Hallowe'en. We don't celebrate it the crazy way, like in America, but I usually carve a pumpkin and bake some themed cakes and cookies. Our neighbourhood is full of oldies, and we're not going to trick-or-treating. In fact, I will keep our own curtains drawn just in case, as I don't like strangers on my doorstep, especially those "kids" who are taller than me and look quite menacingly.
We'll have our own mini-Hallowe'en celebration, with a few treats and none of the nasty tricks. I might invite a coupe of friends with kids for a mini-tea party.
To rehearse for the Friday night, I have made a Witch's hand from jelly. It looked absolutely revolting but was a roaring success with Eddie, who was eager to demolish it all (please don't worry, he wasn't allowed to eat it all).

Witch's Hand (recipe reproduced with kind permission from Lovebrands)
Ingredients: 2 packs of jelly, 500 ml boiling water Oil, spray oil
Bed of dirt 100g caster sugar 75g plain Crunch milk sharing bar, blended into crumbs
Make the jelly by pouring 250 ml boiling water in with the jelly cubes and stirring with your broomstick. Then add 250ml cold water. Oil the inside of a clean rubber glove then pour in the jelly mix before tying in a knot and chilling to the bone in the fridge.

When set, carefully cut away the glove to reveal the bloody hand inside. To create bed of dirt boil caster sugar in cauldron with splash of water until it lightly boils and turns brown. Let it bubble till sugar dissolves. Remove your cauldron from the flame and stir in crumbled choc. Leave to cool on a baking tray then fluff into a mound of baking dirt. Curl witches hand on top.

I didn't make bed of dirt because I try to avoid anything which involves hot bubbling caramel. A few years ago I manged to drop a pan of hot caramel, splashing my leg, and don't want to repeat the experience ever again.
It wasn't easy to remove the hand intact, even if I cut the glove carefully. The fingers broke off.
It didn't prevent Eddie from admiring our work of art.
I think I will make a green jelly hand on Friday with a second glove.

What Halloween treats are you making for your little people?

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  1. OMG that is UTTERLY GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my that is really scary!
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