Sunday, 12 October 2014

Frankie & Benny's in Witney

I thought we have explored all the local eating places with my guys, but for some reason we haven't visited Frankie & Benny's before. Even today, we decided to give it a try only after first trying to find a table at our usual cafe, Huffkins, which was too busy today, and when we asked how long it might take to wait, we were put off by a rather dismissive reply "It's up to you". It was their loss, and our gain, as we discovered Frankie & Benny's.

First brownie points go to F&B's for being friendly and attentive to our needs. When we were seated, I asked if there was a quieter corner for us, and explained that our older son has autism and is sensitive to loud noise. The lady who took us to the table said it wasn't a problem, and left us to lower the sound. Wow, I was really touched, as I certainly didn't expect that.
We placed our orders, and didn't have to wait long. Eddie was given a goodie bag with a jigsaw puzzle, a little book and a pencil. He was particularly impressed with a pencil as it had 3 colours in one. According to my son, it is a magic pencil.

He enjoyed doing the puzzle and completing some of the tasks in the book. Soon after our meals were served.

What did we order? I fancied a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with French fries and coleslaw. And it didn't disappoint. Pulled pork was exactly what the pulled pork should be, well-seasoned and tender, with a smoky flavour of BBQ sauce.

My husband ordered a chicken pitta, with a corn cob and fries. He also thought that his pitta sandwich was pretty good and nicely flavoured.

Kids love fries, and Eddie requested fish fingers and fries. He also asked for some peas, and when I asked if it was possible to add peas to the plate, it wasn't a problem. Eddie has demolished his meal with great appetite. When we asked Sasha if he enjoyed his meal, and if he would like to come there again, he nodded his head. He was in a very good mood, and I was pleased with the seating area, as we didn't sit too close to anyone else.

The interior reminded me of the American eateries we visited while living in the States. The kitchen area is open. There are lots of black and white photos and some reliefs and sculptures.
The menu is quite a typical one for the Italian-American style of eaterie, with a good choice of pasta, pizzas and sandwiches.

Eddie was so full after his meal, and also so relaxed, he had a little lie-in, while I enjoyed my caffe latte.

We had a good time, with a very friendly and quick service. I went for a naughty Baileys latte to end my meal, and oh boy, they were very generous with the liqueur. My husband enjoyed his mango sorbet, though couldn't finish it, as it was quite a big portion.

As we were leaving the restaurant, Eddie was given a balloon. He was thrilled, and told me he wants to come there again. And now that we discovered Frankie and Benny's, we'll definitely be back.

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  1. Looks like a lovely treat meal for you all

    1. Yes, it was a nice treat for my guys, we might go there again soon.