Saturday, 11 October 2014

Pink Velvet Malibu rum cake

bundt cake

If you ask me why I buy cake mixes when I can make my own cakes from scratch perfectly well, I don't think I quite know the answer. By the time you add all the other ingredients, you might as well just do your own cake batter from scratch. I rarely follow the list of ingredients listed on a cake mix box, as often they are quite bland and uninspiring on their own. I guess it is my innate curiosity, and a sentimental reference to my childhood, when I started baking and used cake mixes.
There are many brands which produce boxed cake mixes, some are better and more reliable than the others. Pinterest is awash with pins on how to improve the cake mixes and how to use them creatively. I also decided to make my own board of recipes, which use cake mixes and transform them into exciting cakes and bakes (Cake Mix Recipes)
Pink Velvet Mailbu rum cake has been inspired by my Pinterest hunting. I used Duncan Hines Pink Velvet cake mix as a base. I got it at the American Food Store online (they have a lot of cake mixes which you cannot easily find in the UK), but it could have been any other cake mix, maybe Betty Crocker Vanilla or Red Velvet cake mix.

Pink Velvet Malibu Rum Cake
1 box of Duncan Hines Pink Velvet cake mix
1 tin of pineapple slices in fruit juice - 227ml with juice
3 eggs
100ml Malibu rum
150g butter, melted
2tbsp dessicated coconut
icing sugar (for decoration)

First whizz the contents of a tin of pineapple slices in fruit juice (juice included) in a big bowl until you get a smoothie consistency. Add the pink velvet cake mix, then 3 eggs, mix well together. Pour 100ml (or more) of Mailbu rum and add the melted butter as well as some dessicated coconut. Mix well.

Pour the cake batter in an oiled bundt cake tin. Put it in the oven preheated to 180C. Bake for about 40+ minutes. Check with a wooden skewer if the cake is ready.
It is a super moist cake, light and fluffy. If I were to bake it again, I would probably add a bit more rum for a more pronounced coconut flavour.

I love the bright pink colour, though my younger son wasn't convinced, and said it was too pink. Boys, eh!

Adding my recipe to Foodie Friday Linky run by Romanian Mum Blog and Casa Costello. This week's theme is Sweet; Bake of the Week linky run by Helen from Casa Costello

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  1. I always think there's an odd chemical taste to cake mix boxes but your cake looks fabulous so why not?

    1. You're absolutely spot on, some cake mixes do taste like a chemical romance. I think you can improve most of them.

  2. Wow Galina this looks soooo good. I'm going to have to buy a bundt cake tin, these lovely cakes always look so impressive. xx

    1. Anne, thank you, I got that tin in Lakeland a couple of years ago, and it works well, though you do need a cake release oil for better results.

  3. This looks incredible! The colour is fantastic - so many Pink velvet cakes I've seen look rather anaemic. Thanks so much for joining in with #FoodieFriday and #Bakeoftheweek x

    1. Thank you Helen! It does look a good shade of pink

  4. I never managed to get my velvet cake so red inside! So perfect! #FoodieFriday

    1. Thank you Otilia! This was my first attempt at the pink velvet cake