Thursday, 9 October 2014

The cat who came in from the cold (#MorningWin story)

I was feeling sad, and picked up an old battered album of family photos. As I was turning the pages wistfully, I came across a photo of my younger brother and me, with our cat Kuzya. How old am I here, or should I say how young? I think I was 22-23 then, a young teacher, full of enthusiasm. I favoured bright lipsticks then. My cute little brother is 19.
Kuzya was a much loved member of our family. He was a Siberian cat, fluffy, heavy and with a great personality (I know that I should use the word "it" for a cat, but it doesn't apply to him. It would be an insult to his memory to call him it).

He was literally a cat who came in from the cold. He appeared on our doorstep on one of the coldest New Year's eves, when the temperature plunged down to -47C (for reference, an average winter temperature in my home town for this time of the year is -17C). That cold winter morning he has chosen our door (perhaps because we lived in a ground floor flat) and was mewing outside. We let him in, and he stayed. He was already a couple of years old when we met, and we never really knew his real age, but he lived a long happy life with us, adored by everyone and giving love in return generously. He was very warm, both literally and metaphorically. He loved company, and was a social being.
We were so lucky that one cold morning he decided to stop by our door. I was still a child when he entered our lives, and he was a big part of my childhood and young years. He loved to curl on top of my duvet when I was asleep, and by morning would move higher on the bed to make sure he was the first thing I saw. It was a clear sign: time to get up!

In those days, my Mum used to prepare breakfast for us. When I was a kid, I don't think I appreciated the fact that she had to get up much earlier to cook a hot breakfast (Mum insisted we had a hot breakfast before school).
Now, I am a Mum, and I'm the first one to get up, before my guys. It is my role to make sure the lunch box is packed for Sash, there is an apple and water bottle inside Eddie's school bag. And then the hectic race begins: breakfasts, teeth, school uniforms... By the time Sasha's school bus arrives to pick him up, everything is like a hurricane, do this, don't forget that. I do try to have a quick cup of tea and maybe a toast or some biscuits. Then we're off to school with Eddie, and only once I am back from school and grocery shopping, I have some time for myself.
I make a cup of latte and enjoy it with something sweet. Belvita biscuits have been a blessing, as I don't feel guilty eating them with my coffee. Each biscuit is 70 kcal, and as they are wholegrain, I feel almost virtuous.

I have already talked about belVita on my blog, and was pleased to try three new varieties in belVita range of Breakfast Crunchy biscuits: Hazelnuts, Apricot and Choc Chip. These slow release crunchy biscuits are the only breakfast biscuit proven to slowly release carbohydrates over 4 hours, as part of a balanced breakfast.
Hazelnut was my favorite of the three, though Apricot was a strong contender as well. I love hazelnuts, and these crunchy biscuits are simply delicious, either with tea or coffee. They are really good for munchies when you have a snack attack too. They are not too sweet, hazelnut-flavoured, with a nice crunchy texture.

Another school day tomorrow, another hectic morning... Every morning I force myself out of bed, saying There's "so many" days left until the weekend, when hopefully I'll be able to sleep a bit longer. But often when a weekend arrives, my guys are up early, and my lie-in remains a dream.

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  1. so sweet!... such a nice story and now we have our own cat who came in from the cold too! Fab picture!

    1. Thank you Dom! Would love to know a story of your cat!

  2. What a lovely story and you look so glam!

  3. Loved hearing about you special characterful cat. I think it takes all of us a while to fully appreciate our own mums and we really get it when we become mums ourselves. Loved reading your post and a beautiful image. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part