Sunday, 1 June 2014

#ReadCookEat Round-Up for May

Where did May go? With all the Bank Holidays and midterm breaks, it looks like it disappeared way too fast. Yet here we are, enjoying a warm day of summer. In the last month, I have read a few books which were possible candidates for #ReadCookEat challenge, but let's first look at the May entries.
I kick-started the challenge for May with a snobbish quote from Mrs Elton, which inspired me to make a batch of rout cakes. And though Mrs Elton might have sniggered at them, they were lovely and disappeared very fast.

Chris from Cooking Around the World created a fabulous Angel Food Cake for Boo Radley, having read "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. I think Mary Berry would have begged Chris for a second helping. I certainly would have been happy to eat it any time of the day. Especially with strawberries and flaked almonds... A real masterpiece.

Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews is a great supporter of our literary-culinary challenge and has submitted not one but two mouth-watering recipes. The first one was a beautiful salad - Mango Vinegar Prawn Salad inspired by Craig Robertson's Last refuge. For some reason she decided that the dried whale blubber and stuffed puffins were not a blogging material. Yet I'm glad that she invented her lovely salad, it is so colourful and flavourful.

Her second recipe was created with a novel Above All Thins by Tanis Rideout in mind. Cheryl's Lemon Scones look as good as they sound. I love scones in all their varieties. Cheryl's lemon scones are a splendid twist on the family favourites. Serve me some any time!

Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust is another regular who loves reading and cooking.
Her Southern Style Jambalaya is a veritable feast. She used John Grisham's Sicamore Row as a base for her culinary trip. Southern style cuisine is rich in flavours, and Alison's Jambalaya looks delicious. In fact, it looked so tasty that I cooked my own jambalaya for dinner when I read Alison's post.

And that is all for May, folks! I wonder which books and foods will we discover in June?
Come and join us!


  1. A fab roundup and I love the look of your curry - I bet the pomegranate seeds gave lovely burst of sweetness to complement the spiciness. I have two recipes already made and just waiting to be posted (very simple ones as there wasn't much cooking). I'm now reading a book set in New Brunswick which is packed full of detailed meal descriptions so I'll be spoilt for choice !

    1. New Brunswick's cuisine sounds great! Looking forward to seeing what you cook! The book I'm reading now is the memoirs of Rosina Harrison, the maid to Lady Astor, and though she mentions food, it's only to say it was delicious, and that annoys me big time. I want to know the details! :)

    2. Here's one for June already !

  2. I've just been pointed in the direction of this challenge having failed miserably at a quiz about food in literature that I posted on my Facebook page.
    I'll endevour to take part at some point.

    1. I also thought I'd do better at that quiz. Claire, you are most cordially invited to take part in the challenge, would love to have you on board