Monday, 10 December 2012

Recreate an Orange Grove in Winter

I wish I could create an olfactory video review so that you can discover yourselves what I am trying to describe in words. We all have olfactory memories, and Christmas time for me is forever associated with the aroma of mandarins and oranges. In the time when the fruit was seasonal and haven't been in the shops all year round, some of the first manadarins appeared around this time of the year and every time I smell this beautiful fruit, I think of the Christmas trees of my childhood days. The White Company has a variety of candles to appeal to all tastes, but they couldn't find a better one for me than Orange Grove Signature Candle.
Do you like the smell of the orange peel and green leaves? That's what you get, when you light the candle. The aroma is very delicate and subtle, which I absolutely love. I cannot stand strong-smelling candles which are so overpowering they give you a headache. You get the earthy and woody rich notes underfoot, and sultry bergamot strikes a cord with its classic touch.
The Orange Grove is warming and zesty at the same time.

This signature candle (as well as all the candles in their range) is "individually hand poured in the UK using high quality wax and fragrance. The 140gs of wax gives approx 28 hours of burning."
Each candle is Gift boxed. The packaging is very stylish. It is a black and white box, a Bond-girl type of packaging, sleek and expensive-looking. At £20 per candle it is not cheap, but it is oh so excellent as a Christmas gift.

It wouldn't be Christmas without a festive candle. Christmas is known as a time of indulgence, and this candle would impress even the most harsh critic.

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