Friday, 21 October 2011

Soup for a cold autumnal dinnertime (recipe)

A bag of mixed rocket, spinach and watercress was sitting in the fridge, looking slightly despondent, and I fancied making a bit of soup to serve for dinner.
To make this soup you will need
1 bag of rocket, spinach and watercress
1 medium courgette
1 medium leek
1 biggish potato
double cream to serve
a stock cube, optional
a dash of brandy or sherry, optional
Chop a potato into cubes, thinly slice a courgette and a leek. Fry the sliced leek in a frying pan, adding a bit of olive oil or butter, if you prefer. I also added a dash of brandy, just to give it a more intense flavour, but it is optional. I have a bottle of cheap-ish brandy from Aldi for cooking (we don't drink brandy as such, but it is very handy for cooking). All the above ingredients go in a medium sized pan with enough water to cover all the vegetables. You can also add a stock cube if you like. Add the salt almost at the end. Whizz the soup once all the vegetables are nicely softened.

Best served with hot ciabatta bread, but any chunky bread will do, like stonebaked boule, for example.
And don't forget a generous swirl of double cream (or single cream if you count calories, or plain yogurt if you want to be saintly good)

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  1. Love this recipe, I often wonder what to do with those bags of rocket/spinach (especially if I have forgotten about them and they are looking a bit "sad"!) - I'll be trying this out