Thursday, 27 October 2011

Monsters for my little monsters (Halloween Make a Monster kit review)

Browsing shelves in Sainsbury's, I spotted a box of Hallowe'en Make a Monster: Gingerbread men kit by Sainsbury's. The kit comes with a mix, a cookie cutter and a small bag of golden syrup as well as two icing tubes, all you have to do is add a bit of water and butter.
So we stirred and we poked the dough, we rolled it on the board and cut out the gingerbread men, then in they went in the oven to come out in 10 minutes all nice and golden brown.
Sasha wasn't interested in helping and watched me a bit anxiously, trying to take away his book Noisy Monsters that I tried to use as an inspiration for decorating my Mummy and Skeletons.
I also bought a pack of Dr Oetker Coloured Ready to Roll Icing which comes in several colours and Silver Spoon Writing Icing.
This is how the cookies looked before being baked.
You get 6 men and a bit.
My gingerbread men are a bit psychedelic. The Mummy is covered with yellow rolled icing and painted over. The skeletons were decorated with the icing pen from the kit, and I thought that I would prefer a slightly whiter icing, this one is almost translucent.
And if you like your gingerbread men have a more pronounced ginger flavour, I suggest adding a bit more ginger while making the dough, as the flavour is quite mild.


  1. Heehee what fabulous characters. A pity to eat them.
    Eddie has grown so quickly!! Can certainly tell he's your boy from that smile and his big eyes.

  2. Thank you, Jo. Actually I cannot see any resemblance to me except the colour of the eyes. Eddie also looks different from what Sasha looked like at this age. My father-in-law said Eddie looks like his mother, who was also blonde and blue-eyed.

  3. great kit Galina. Eddie looks like he had a whale of a time. love that mummy.

  4. These look so great! my girls love cooking too I think its a good thing to teach them, I alway remember making cakes with my mum every sunday :)