Monday, 10 October 2011

A Mad Hatter

...or should that be a Hatterette? I love hats and hardly ever go out without one.
This is my latest acquisition, a new hat from Next.
On a recent walk with Sasha and Eddie, a man in his late 50s saw Sasha and me in hats and made a silly comment: "It must be genetic for you to wear hats" I asked him coldly "Do you think I was born wearing a hat?"

Hats for me are what shoes and bags for many other women. In fact I hate shoe-shopping, it is always an ordeal for me, I usually grab the first comfy pair and buy. Wearing hats is a different matter.

Seeing my new hat, my mother-in-law who is visiting this week decided to go out and buy one for herself. This is the hat she bought, a lovely hat, but I decided it is not me. Not my colour.

This is one of my old favourite hats. I still have it. This is a photo of little Sasha and me.


  1. I love your hat collection. all suit you very much. I'm a hat girl too, no shoes fetish for me.

  2. I love hats too. Love your new one. I have a similar camel coloured one. A hat style from the days when everyone dressed so well.