Monday, 3 October 2011

I'll wean when I'm ready (Lactivist t-shirt)

Eddie has a hearty appetite and would eat anything on offer. But he also loves his Mummy milk. Now that he is 14 months old, many people keep asking me if he is weaned and whether I still breastfeed him. I don't see why I should stop breastfeeding him, if it gives him nutrition and comfort.
We have been fans of Lactivist shirts with fab b/f slogans since Eddie was born. The tshirt "I'll wean when I'm ready is the third one in our collection. I have posted a photo of Eddie in a fab little T back in January.
Lactivist was created by Lisa Cole back in 2003 after she was criticized for breastfeeding in public. Lisa designed a t-shirt for her son which promoted breastfeeding and helped to stop negative comments. The rest is history. Lactivist sells a range of baby&adult clothes with pro-breastfeeding slogans. They make great conversation pieces that arouse a lot of interest and bring in comments and smiles.


  1. He's looking so gorgeous! I do agree, I breastfed until J was 2 1/2. By that time he was only having a before bedtime feed and HE chose to stop otherwise I would have continued on!

  2. Oh my goodness, a Lactivist fan and long-term breastfeeder too, excellent! OK I'm going to stop stalking you now. Very excited to have found your blog, as you can tell!, and will follow with interest. Best wishes, Leta

  3. Thank you! Please keep stalking, I enjoy reading comments.
    And I am still b/f-ing my little guy, he's 21 months old, but doesn't feel like giving up so far. We are down to 2-3 feeds per day, but he certainly is a booby-man. :)