Saturday, 23 November 2019

Photo diary: week 47, project 365

Last week was full of sadness and anxiety. My Mum was going home after a month with us, and we're missing her.
Though I was taking photos every day, some of them are snaps for reviews and recipes, so I have picked two photos for Sunday and two for Monday, and skipped two days altogether.

Rain doesn't seem to abate for more than a day, and the flood plains are still under water. On Sunday Eddie and I went to have a look at the fields covered with the water. More rain is predicted, and we keep an eye on the river levels as we pass by the bridge in the centre every day.

flooding in Oxfordshire, Chez Maximka

After the release of the John Lewis Christmas ad about the excitable Edgar, Waitrose was packed full of plush dragons. Eddie was making pleading eyes at me, saying that he wants one of them. I asked him why, it's not like he's playing with soft toys anymore. He said it's because he's called Edgar.
So far I resisted. I don't even like the ad. The dragon is a pest and a nuisance who ruins fun for the others.

Chez Maximka

On Monday morning I had to walk to the depot to pick up a packet, and as always, whenever I pass by St Mary's church, I take a photo.

churches in Oxfordshire, Chez Maximka

It was the last evening we spent together with my Mum, she was leaving very early the next morning. The taxi was booked for 5.30am, and I didn't want to wake up the boys early, as it was a school day. They hugged their Baba good bye on the eve.
I look so tired in this photo, and why did nobody tell me my hair is all over the place?!

It's hard to believe that in a week's time we say Good bye to the autumn and greet winter.

Thursday was a stressful day. Sasha had a big anxiety/panic attack just before getting to school, and he was so agitated that the school transport refused to take him to school (and rightly so).
I was also getting upset, as my husband needed to go to work and then travel to Brussels that day. I couldn't leave Sasha on his own in the house, and didn't know what to do about the afternoon pick-up from school.
Thankfully, a friend agreed to help, and then the school were most helpful as well, by sending their own transport. They came and collected Sasha who has calmed down by then, and was happy to go.
I was so stressed that morning, I cried. I just couldn't help it. Feeling too fragile, I didn't go to Eddie's school to help with the library, as I happen to do once a week.

Chez Maximka

More autumnal mood scenes... And more disappointment - I picked up Sasha's meds (see the post from the previous week), but there was only one 150ml bottle, rather than the usual amount.
I only realised it when I came home. Called the pharmacy, and they confirmed that this was the right amount, as that's what the GP prescribed, which means in a two weeks' time, I'll have to go through the same bothersome process again.

Visiting Costa today in between shopping, I decided to order a plain latte (You see, Suzanne, I listened to you), but Eddie wanted to try a Black Forest hot chocolate. I had a sip, it tastes of the cherry syrup.
Right now Eddie's in Oxford with his father, they needed to go to the PC World, as my darling husband has killed off his laptop the other day, when he spilled the coffee onto his laptop.
They also need to make some colour photo copies for Eddie's Tudor project.

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  1. So sorry to hear about Sasha's panic attack. It sounds like a hard day. You must be really missing your mum too. My husband wanted to get some of those dragons for our nephews, but they had all sold out within two days of the advert coming out!

    1. Thank you, Sarah, it was very stressful to see him so wound up. sigh
      The dragon toys have sold out here as well, oups.

  2. Oh no! You must really miss your mum after she's been with you for a month.
    I am so sick of the rain here. Every day we seem to have some.
    Aww! Just look at that face. I find it hard to say no to my girls when they want something and pull that face. hehehe
    Poor Sasha. It sounds like you had a tough day. Sending hugs. x

    1. Thanks, Kim, our kids are great actors and masters to pull the strings, when it comes to what they want. :)

  3. My goodness, what a stressful and busy week - between your mum, the computer, Sasha, the meds, ...Here's hoping the following weeks will be more chilled out and filled with far fewer problems. Sending hugs xxx

  4. It must have been sad to see your mum go back home. Sasha's panic attack does sound stressful - glad the school helped.

  5. That sounds like a very busy and stressful week. I hope the next one will be better. Sending lot of hugs. xx

  6. Aww how happy is he with his Edgar's. I ordered some for my little Miss. I hope next week is less stressful. Sad to see your mum go back xx

  7. Sorry looks like my mobile comment from Sunday has been eaten. Has Eddie managed to persuade you to get him one of those Edgar's yet??

  8. oh dear at spilt coffee all over the laptop.
    Will be sad to say goodbye to your mum, sounds like you needed her on Thursday as well.
    have to say I laughed at the advert when the dragon burnt down the decorations.

  9. Thats quite a flood. HAHAHA but the dragon looks cute! What a lovely family picture & you and your Mom look great. I hope Sasha is is so great of your friend and the school to help out that way. Schools here don't care that much about children's mental health. So sorry you had to go through such a tough day. Stay strong.
    My cat spilled milk on our laptop too. Quite a process to fix it

  10. So many times I am given the wrong dose of quantity of medicine so I feel your frustration! The rain has been so relentless, so much flooding everywhere! #project365

  11. You must be really missing your mum, she sounds like she had a great visit with you all. So sorry to hear about the stress with Sasha, so good of the school to send their own transport to help out. Hope the latte was right for you, don't like the sound of the cherry syrup at all