Friday, 28 June 2019

Dreaming of big adventures with Trunki

suitcases for kids

What is that suitcase,
So stylish and funky?
It's one and only
Bright-coloured Trunki.

What rhymes with Trunki? Monkey, funky, chunky, "bananki"... Eddie and I enjoy playing word games, like rhyming etc, especially when we are out and about. While taking photos for this post, we tried to think what words would rhyme with Trunki.

Even if you're not a frequent traveller, you must have spotted on your trips - in the airports and train stations - children walking with or sitting on Trunki. These pull-along, ride-on mini-suitcases on wheels have a unique, immediately recognisable design and stand out in a crowd.

travelling with kids

Whether going away for a weekend, or travelling abroad, these suitcases are "designed to beat the boredom suffered by travelling tots".
They are made in the UK, are hand-luggage approved and have a spacious 18-litre capacity.

suitcases on wheels for kids

My son Eddie was super excited, when we were offered a Trunki for reviewing, he's wanted one for a long time.
Ordering online is very easy. You can choose one of the designer models like Una the Unicorn, Flossy the Flamingo, Boris the Bus, Pedro the Pirate Ship, Gruffalo etc.

Or design your own - just go to a Trunki customiser and choose the colours and design. Look at the paint palette and pick up a colour of the body, nose, stripe, horns, handle hub caps, wheels, cotton bag, shoulder strap and internal strap.

It was Eddie's job to choose, and he was playing with different colour schemes. Here is a collage of screenshots to give you an idea.

colours of Trunki

After a careful considerations of pros and cons of different colours, he has opted for his favourite colour - red - no surprises here.
Trunki aim to build and deliver a suitcase of your choice within 10 working days. All orders can be tracked via SMS or email. You will get an update when to expect your order.

You have to be sure about the colours you choose. Since it's a customised bespoke product, you cannot update the design, once the order has been placed.

Eddie was quite impatient, counting the days until his Trunki would arrive.

suitcases on wheels for kids

The bright red Trunki arrived with a Trunki birth certificate, i.e. a note which explains who made the model and when. It also comes with a free 5-year guarantee.

Its features include: Locking catches, 2-in-1 carry/tow strap, stuff pocket, teddybear seatbelts, horn grips, ID label and 18-litre capacity.

It is light (1.7kg) and easy to carry.

suitcase on wheels for children

You can pull it behind you, holding onto a strap...

suitcases for children

Or you can carry it over your shoulder... The strap is adjustable, you can make it longer or shorter.

suitcases for children

It is made from the same lightweight yet durable plastic as adult suitcases.
And when you're tired, it makes a comfy seat. Maximum weight for a rider is 50kg (110lb).

suitcases on wheels for kids

Horn grips are there for stability.

travelling with kids

suitcases for kids

We haven't had a chance to take our Trunki on a proper trip yet, but we're dreaming of big adventures and planning our future journeys.
Eddie's father is planning a surprise trip to Legoland, when they will stay in one of Windsor hotels overnight to be able to get to the park first thing in the morning. And then Eddie will have a chance to take all the necessities with him.
We are also going later this summer to Cornwall, and Eddie is eager to take the Trunki with us, packing his favourite games and books for a rainy day (there is always a rainy day or seven when we go to Cornwall).

Is your child a proud owner of a Trunki suitcase?

suitcases on wheels for children

Disclosure: We received an online code to place a customised order with Trunki for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are our own.


  1. Awww Eddie looks so happy ... and it perfectly matches his shoes ! We have a tiger Trunki that we won in a competition and it's great for going on holiday because it fits in the hand luggage of the plane and it also helps while away the time waiting at the airport because it can be ridden around (as long as there's enough space) !

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, the Trunki will be travelling with us soon, when we go to Cornwall. Eddie's already planning what he is going to take with him.

  2. Aww, how lovely. Eddie looks delighted with his new Trunki. I am familiar with the brand from Dragon's Den and I thought it was a great idea.

    1. Thank you, Anca, I don't watch the Dragon's Den, and didn't know about the connection with Trunki.