Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Happy Days at Work - The Hairdresser, 500-pc jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger

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"Pieces of jigsaw puzzle might all be different but when fit in, complete the story..." (Harrish Sairama).

This quote might well be a motto or a slogan for Ravensburger, since its jigsaw puzzles tell many a story.
Ravensburger Happy Days at Work series of jigsaw puzzles takes you on a trip down the memory lane.

Happy Days at Work - The Hairdresser is the 14th in a series of retro-style puzzles, created by the Yorkshire-based artist Trevor Mitchell.

The lady in the centre has the most elaborate hairdo, she is clearly getting ready for an evening out. Her make-up is amazingly "loud", and she looks very pleased with herself.
The hairdresser behind her seems to be delighted with the result. I can imagine it took hours to finish such an intricate hairdo.

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You see the other customers in the back, sitting under the dryers and reading magazines.
The posters on the walls show the glamorous images.
It is a cheerful scene from the days gone by.

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The 500-piece jigsaw puzzles measures 49x36 cm when complete. It is suitable for ages 10+.
Like all Ravensburger puzzles, it's made from strong premium grade cardboard, with linen finish print to minimise glare on the puzzle image. All the pieces are cut out, using Soft click technology, which ensures the precision and accuracy as well as the variety of shapes.

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The nostalgic image of the hair salon made me think of my Mum in her early 20s, when these hairstyles were en vogue.
There are a couple of photos in our family album which show my Mum and her friends with the glam and spectacular beehives and babettes.

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This lovely puzzle is an easy and entertaining one, and will make a great gift for any jigsaw puzzle fan.

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Disclosure: I received the jigsaw puzzle for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are my own.