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Avengers Infinity War XXL100-piece jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger

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Avengers' fans are eagerly counting days and hours until Avengers: Infinity War is released later next week. Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the other Avengers will be united once again to fight their most powerful enemy - the evil Thanos.
If you are one of the Marvel fans and can't wait for the release of Avengers, you will enjoy a brand new product from Ravensburger - Avengers Infinity War XXL 100-piece jigsaw puzzle which is out just in time for the film release.

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Eddie is a big fan of all things Marvel, and he is not pleased that the film's rating is 12+ and he won't be able to watch it in the cinema. According to him, "it's not fair" (said in Horrid Henry's voice).
He was happy to work on the new puzzle though.
The puzzle - unlike the film - is suitable for ages 6+.

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We knew most of the characters on the finished puzzle (well, Eddie knew more than I did).

Avengers Infinity jigsaw puzzle

The puzzle consists of 100 XXL sized pieces, which are big and easy to find and connect.
Like all Ravensburger puzzles, it is made from strong premium grade recycled cardboard with a linen finish to minimise the glare on the puzzle image.

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It took Eddie about 15 minutes from start to finish, and that, with pointing to the characters and discussing who is who and complaining that life is not fair because he won't be allowed to see the film in the cinema.
The puzzle measures 49x36cm when complete.

Avengers Infinity War

It is an excellent jigsaw puzzle and will make a fantastic gift for any Avengers Infinity fan.

Disclosure: We received the puzzle for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are our own.

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