Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Schleich Big Adventure at the Water Hole playset

Schleich toys have been a big part of our family life for many years. I have recently told about little Sasha who was obsessed with a family of Schleich elephants to the point we had to take them everywhere with us ( see my post Discovering the Schleich world of play). I remember when after the July'05 tragic events, the airport security was totally unreasonable, when they didn't allow you to take anything on board. We couldn't take any snacks for Sasha and had to leave his favourite toys in the suitcase. Try reasoning with an autistic 4-year-old child that he cannot take his beloved elephant whom he never parts with on the airplane. And imagine his relief when he was finally reunited with the elephant family on arrival.
Having an already impressive selection of toys and play sets, Schleich continues to expand its range and to acquire new fans.
Schleich Big Adventure at the Water Hole is a fabulous play set which shows an oasis with a cascading waterfall. This set forms a centre piece of a new Wild Life/Safari range.

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The water hole is the meeting place for the wild animals. Here is a majestic looking lion surveying his kingdom from the rock, here is its cub, peeking from behind the rock.

educational toys

The striking stripey zebra is quenching its thirst. The scorpion is enjoying the sunny weather, sitting on the rock by the water pool. The chimpanzee is having a rest on the tree.
All the Schleich animals are made of high quality durable plastic. The attention to detail is amazing, the level of craftsmanship is high. These collectable mini-figures will give your child many happy hours of play.

educational toys

The pink flamingo is perched by a waterwall cascade.

The playset is quite easy to assemble. I had minor difficulties with putting the tree in the slot, but once it clicked in, you could open and close the tree.
The cascade on the waterfall is easily inserted. Once your child played with a set, it is as easy to disassemble and put back in the box.
The individual figures can be moved around the set. The plants and rocks can be creatively arranged.

You can buy separate Wild life figures, but this playset would take the educational play to the next level, as you can tell your child all about their habitat.

As part of their "Educational Play the Schleich Way" campaign, Schleich has created a 16-page brochure which is designed as a guide to the best in imaginative play and development.
This inspiring brochure covers a wide range of topics including a balanced play diet, encouraging imagination, helping develop early language skills and much more. It is a helpful guide, full of useful tips and ideas on how to encourage creativity and imaginative play.

Eddie loves the set. We have lots of Schleich animals, and he's happily mixing and matching the animals from different sets. He was particularly impressed with the tree trunk which can be divided into two and turned into a bridge.

Disclosure: We received the playset for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are ours.

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