Sunday, 14 August 2016

Photo diary: week 32, 366

It's been already over a week since we came back from Cornwall, and I miss it. Not the trip itself, which is always a pain, but the smell of the sea, the ever moving waves, the rocky landscapes, "our" cottage with a beautiful view. Sigh. Who knows if we'll go back to our favourite place again.

Sunday was a baking day. In fact I have been baking almost every day in the last week.
This is a banana loaf I baked.

On Monday we didn't go out to buy any fresh bread, so I baked my own braided bread. It was crusty and tasty.

homebaked bread

Rose at dusk in the garden

On Wednesday our friend Jen took my boys and me to the Burford garden centre by car. My guys love visiting it, we always have a drink and snack in the cafe, have a look around the centre and end up at the playground. Sasha is very happy on the swings, he doesn't mind that he is the oldest kid there.
I've seen these beautiful bright lemons in the shop, and just had to take a photo.

I don't know why but while we were in Cornwall, I haven't seen the Moon even once. Perhaps it was covered by the clouds, but almost every evening I would look up at the sky, trying to find it without any success. Eddie and I even walked out of the cottage down the lane at 10.30pm one evening, we looked in every direction, but the Moon was hiding. Yet here, at home, we see it pretty regularly. Last Thursday it was a perfect half shining in the dark.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse are doing well. I was worried that they might get dehydrated during our absence. My friend promised to come and water the tomatoes in the greenhouse a couple of times during that week, but I also did a system of watering, with big plastic bottle filled with water, with windows cut out on the side, and the cotton tights and shirts cut into strips going out from the bottles to the plants. It looks very amateur, but it seems to work.

Every Saturday Eddie and I pop into the local Poundland shop. I won a £10 voucher recently, so we went to spend it all on plastic tat toys and sweets. Since we lost a football in Cornwall, we got two this time.
Just in case, you know. The golden one is already flat today, not exactly what I would expect from a football.


  1. I agree the holidays are great if you could just teleport to your destination and home again.
    Our tomatoes have not started turning red yet despite having lots and lots of them

  2. glad you had a lovely trip to cornwall, always sad to return home though, love the picture of the lemons in the bowl and the tomatoes look really good