Wednesday, 14 May 2014

New Lurpak Cook's Range

We love Lurpak spreads which are a perfect match for a slice of toast, and I was very excited to hear about new Lurpak Cook's Range, which includes four different products: Clarified butter, Cooking Liquid, Cooking Mist and Lurpak Baking.
In the last week I have been testing two of the new products, Lurpak Cook's Range Cooking Mist and Clarified Butter.

Clarified butter brings back memories of the Russian markets with the dairy stalls which used to offer a great variety of dairy products, some of which are unknown beyond the Eastern Europe. Buxom sellers would grin and offer you to try their wares, and each one would try to convince you that their produce is the best. Clarified butter has always been popular in Russia. This was one of the ways of keeping the butter for longer, especially in the days before fridges.
Most grannies knew how to make their own clarified butter, which is though not difficult, requires patience.
If you haven't tried the clarified butter before, it is a concentrated pure butter from which the milk solids have been removed. It has a yellow colour and thicker texture than the standard butter.

It endures much higher temperatures than the standard butter, and can be used at higher cooking temperatures required to fry a steak, fish or potatoes. It is a versatile product, and it adds an amazing nutty flavour to the dishes cooked with it.

Cod fillets with fried potatoes was a simple but delicious meal.

Crumbed chicken cooked with clarified butter was also very tasty.

When I spotted these gorgeous looking mixed mushrooms in the supermarket, I knew they would be fab with the fried potatoes, and so they were. First fry the thinly sliced potatoes in the clarified butter (2 medium potatoes, 30g of clarified butter, sea salt, thyme). Add the mushrooms later and maybe another spoonful of clarified butter. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the pan.

Fried potatoes and mixed mushrooms

I have also used the clarified butter in a sweet dish, which I wanted to try after seeing a recipe for Dulce de leche coconut squares by Jagruti Dhanecha in Issue 27 of My Favourite Recipes. These coconut squares are very chewy and lovely with a cup of tea or coffee.

Dulce de leche coconut squares

Lurpak Cooking Mist is a sprayable liquid blend of Lurpak butter and rapeseed oil. "The spray mist is the perfect basting tool to make sure roasts are evenly glazed and crisp, and works brilliantly as a quick and efficient way to grease pans and tins. The mist can also be used as a glaze for the final flourish on pies too".
I haven't yet tried it on meat roasts, but the vegetables are coated evenly and efficiently. I cooked the butternut squash with a sprinkle of cinnamon. And yesterday I roasted the sweet potatoes and sweet peppers, which I later blitzed into a lovely light soup.

I loved both Lurpak products which I have tried. In fact, after I finished the tub of clarified butter which I received for testing, I have bought two tubs (on offer in Waitrose at the moment, two for £4).

Disclosure: I received two Lurpak products from their new Cook's range for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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  1. Great review and fantastic recipes. Love the price too #triedtested

    1. Thank you! I was very pleased to discover this new range

  2. I have looked at this a few times in the shops and wondered what it was like. I'll definitely be trying it now, thank you for sharing x #triedandtested

    1. I'm thinking of buying the other two products and trying them.

  3. Wow those Dulce de Leche Coconut squares sound gorgeous! The Lurpak Clarified Butter looks like a very versatile product, useful for many recipes.

    1. Yes, it is a fab product. And coconut squares are lush too. :)

  4. That all looks utterly delicious - I'm hungry now !

    1. Thank you Cheryl! Your recipes often leave me hungry too.