Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bank Holiday with Shloer

Many families are planning a picnic or a BBQ in their garden this long Bank Holiday weekend. There will be plenty of booze for grown-ups. But what if you're a designated driver, or a teetotal, happen to be pregnant or breastfeeding or just don't like the taste of alcohol? Enjoy a glass of an alcohol-free bubbly Shloer, the sparkling juice drink! Shloer has long been a well known "secret" among the alcohol-avoiding party-goers.
Crack open a bottle of Red Grape to go with the BBQ feast of sausages and burgers. Or try a White Grape variety which smoked salmon on blini.

Our garden looks lush and green in May, with the gorgeous rhododendrons slowly opening the tight fists of bright pink, which will later pale into a hazy cloud of near white. Bluebells and the last of tulips, yellow poppies and rosemary bloom... what a heavenly place for a picnic.
As much as I enjoy a glass of champagne, during the day I prefer to keep active (and alcohol makes me very sleepy). A glass of sparkling White Grape Shloer is exactly what I want. The bubbles are dancing in my glass. It tastes fruity and sweet, light and refreshing.

Shloer is available in seven flavours, all of which come free from preservatives, contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavourings. All flavours are suitable for vegetarians and are best served chilled.
If only I could escape in the garden with a book and a glass of sparkles (alas, my guys are too boisterous and want me to play basketball with them).

For more information and recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails, visit Shloer Non-Alcoholic Cocktails page.

Disclosure: I received a bottle of Shloer for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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