Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Gluten-free cake from Baker Days

I love baking and regularly bake cakes and cupcakes but my guys enjoy shop-bought and ordered online varieties as well. When Baker Days asked me if I would like to eat and review their gluten-free cake, I was happy to oblige. None of my family members are registered as coeliacs but as you might know my older son has autism, which often comes with the gut problems, and I have been trying to reduce the amount of gluten in our diet. Plus, some of our friends are on a strict gluten-free diet.
Baker Days have a wide range of cakes and designs on offer, their birthday cakes range is particularly impressive. And if you prefer cupcakes, they have a good choice of cupcake designs as well.

We didn't have any birthdays coming soon, but Eddie and I looked at the personalised designs on offer, and he has chosen two cute elephants (especially when I told him it would be a gift for Daddy from him).
On Sunday over a week ago we invited friends over for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. As well as serving a gluten-free cake, I baked some cookies for the kids.

What did our testers say?
Jay (who's a coeliac and an expert on GF foods) said: "Fantastic idea (to send a cake as a letterbox gift), great presentation but could work on the taste".
Kids enjoyed it, my older son even wanted a second helping (they were quite small). Eddie has eaten his slice with pleasure.
I found the cake slightly dry, but I also know that this is quite a common problem with gluten-free cakes and bakes, they do tend to be a bit on the dry side.
The icing was lovely and thin (I really don't like thick layers of icing, when all you can taste is sugar). The sponge was quite thin as well, as it had to go in a box which would go through the letterbox. The jam was pleasant.

I loved the presentation: the cake arrived in a little bright tin, which I intend to keep, as I collect tins, with a little extra gift of balloons and a little cheerful card. I found the box on the mat when I came home after collecting Eddie from the nursery, so it worked as a letterbox cake, and though it was dropped, the cake stayed intact.
The hard part was keeping Eddie away from the tin, as he wanted to sample the cake as soon as it arrived, and later, when we were waiting for our guests, he tried sneakily to lick it.

Ordering a personalised cake from Baker Days is very easy: you choose a size and flavour, and add a personalised message. The gluten free letterbox cake costs £17.99 (a standard sponge cake would be £3 less expensive). My guests and I have also discussed the prices, and though we did find the cake more expensive than let's say supermarket cakes, they don't offer gluten-free personalised cakes so it's difficult to compare.
This cake would make a lovely gift for Father's day which this year is on 15 June, just over a month away.
For more information visit Baker Days on Facebook and follow Baker Days on Twitter.

Reading the reviews by the other bloggers, it looks like they have enjoyed the carrot and chocolate varieties.

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Disclosure: I received a gluten-free cake from Baker Days for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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  1. Thats a really cute design you chose. Thanks for the link