Monday, 5 August 2013

On the beach: frolics and fiddle-dee-dees

It's been over a week since we came back from our holidays in Cornwall, and we already miss "our" cottage and "our" beach in the little sleepy village of Perranuthnoe. We love the leisurely pace of life there: whenever we go to the beach, the local grannies and granpas are sitting on the deckchairs or hiding behind the beach windshields. They are the first ones to appear at the beach and the last ones to leave when the high tide arrives.
The weather was clement, but not too hot, in fact there were hardly any swimmers braving the sea waves. You could occasionally spot the heroic swimmers entering the sea but typically they would just have a dip and go back to the beach in five minutes.

That is apart from our Sasha who seems not to mind the cold water at all. He loves the sea. He feels so much at ease by the sea. In fact I mentioned to my Mum that I haven't seen Sasha so happy for a long time. He seems to be ecstatic when he runs in the waves, as if all the hardship of life falls off his shoulders. These are the moments that I treasure in my memory as the happy ones.

While Sasha is happy to run around the beach, laughing and flapping his arms, occasionally tasting the salty water, his younger brother enjoys building the sandcastles, digging, playing football and watching the world go by.

Eddie was happy to play football with whoever agreed to join in: my husband, his Grandma or me.

Move over, Beckham! Here comes Eddie.

If you run happily around, even the light drizzle pales into the insignificance. A few times we were lucky to have all that luxury almost to ourselves, as there were not that many visitors. During the low tide the beach is enormous, and if you wander further down the beach, you might catch a glimpse of St Michael's Mount.

Perran sands is a combination of sand and rocks, with lots of pebbles and rock pools. So many things to explore and discover!

I wish we had a beach like that somewhere near, but alas. Eddie keeps asking when we are going back to Cornwall. And though we can as happily play football in the garden, it is a completely different environment.
Until we come back, we'll be browsing through our photos, remembering the magic times we had together in Cornwall. All those wonderful games of football on the beach...

And after all that hard work what could be better than having a few snacks, sitting on a rug.

Hula-hoops are my favourite!

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  1. awww Galina what a fantastic time you had! it looks amazing.

    Thank you for linking up with #magicMoments x

    1. Thanks, Jaime! I wish we could visit our cottage more than once a year, such a splendid location.

  2. Sasha looks so much like you :) I love Cornwall, hope to take Monkey there at some point too

    1. Thank you, Mary! I bet Monkey will love Cornwall. A truly magical place.

  3. Your description of the beach and pace of life is perfect! We've never regretted moving here and one of the highlights is how near we are to Polzeath beach which is stunning. I'm glad you all love Cornwall and it's beautiful beaches, thanks for sharing your beach fun with Country Kids.

    1. Thank you, I wish we could move to Cornwall.