Thursday, 15 August 2013

DMD Digital Ear Thermometer for Baby, Children & Adults

When we go travelling, it's usually my task to pack the suitcases and prepare for any eventuality. It is always a good idea to carry a First Aid Kit with you and the medication you think you might need in case of any emergency. 
We have a digital ear thermometer for kids, but it is not very compact, so just before we left for Cornwall in July I have bought a small size DMD Digital ear thermometer for baby, children and adults. Luckily we didn't have to test it on our holidays. But for the last couple of weeks, with my husband being unwell, the little thermometer was used daily. And of course, my little copycat Eddie expects me to check his temperature too.

What are the product specifications?
- It is quick and easy to use, suitable for babies, children and adults
- accurately takes temperature with no need for tip covers
- keep an accurate record of your temperature
- measures in both Celsius and Farenheit
- comes in a protective storage case

I don't know if we were more patient as children, I remember those thermometers that my Mum used to put under my arm when I was poorly as a child, and we had to wait for 5 minutes to check the temperature. There is no way any of my two tearaways would lie still for 5 minutes to endure it. 

The digital technology allows you to do it in an instant, which is great. It is really very easy and fast.
The thermometer is very compact and is really handy to carry inside your First Aid kit when you travel.
Unlike with many other digital thermometers, you don't need to bother with disposable probe covers between each and every measurement, just clean the tip after each use.
If you need to keep a record of the measurements, the digital thermometer allows you to keep a temperature history up to 10 readings.
The little gadget comes with the batteries included. Apparently it will take over 2000 readings before we'll need a new battery (that I don't know yet, hence my choice of the word "apparently").
What else should I mention?
The thermometer switches the power off automatically after a minute of inactivity to save the power usage. 
It comes in a handy little pouch to keep it secure and clean.

Are you planning to travel with your children? Don't forget  a compact digital ear thermometer.

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