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Schwartz Grill Mates Deep South Brown Sugar Marinade Mix

As it happens, the Brits are as enthusiastic about the grilled food as those BBQ aficionados across the pond. The BBQed and grilled food has become a trend which stays put. If you are happy to lick your fingers eating sticky food from the BBQ, you'll be glad to know that this summer Schwartz has launched a new range of Grill Mates™. This range is "featuring exciting US flavour combinations that will bring to life any barbecue dish. Simply add one of the four delicious marinades to transform your meat or fish before cooking on the grill."
The specially-formulated Schwartz Grill Mates™ Marinade Mixes are available in a sachet; they serve 4-6 people and are available in four tasty flavours: Mojito Lime, Deep South Brown Sugar, Cajun and Smokey Texan.

Schwartz is proud to inform us that "it sources only the highest quality herbs and spices from all over the world and is committed to making great flavour simpler for everyone. The Grill Mates™ range reflects the trend of infusing foods with cocktail-inspired flavours, which appeared in the 2008 Flavour Forecast, produced by parent company McCormick. The new Schwartz Grill Mates™ range will be available nationwide from all leading supermarkets (RRP £1.00)".

As it happened, we had guests coming for dinner yesterday and having perused the selection of Grill Mates, I've decided to prepare the pork tenderloin with Schwartz Grill Mates Deep South Brown Sugar Marinade Mix.

To prepare this sweet and spicy marinade mix with a hint of whisky, you will need
1 sachet of Schwartz Grill Mates South Brown Sugar Marinade Mix
50ml oil
2tbsp orange juice
2tbsp white wine vinegar
Mix all the ingredients together in a small bowl.

I have also added juice from half a lime to the marinade.

Set aside a couple of tbsp for basting, pour and rub the rest over the meat of your choice. Cover and leave to marinade for 15 minutes minimum (or even leave it overnight). I left it for a couple of hours.
The marinade is aromatic and very colourful.

This Grill Mates mix is made with the brown sugar, salt, tomato powder, chilli powder, honey powder, red bell peppers, sunflower oil etc
It doesn't contain any artificial colours, added MSG, preservatives or hydrogenated fat.
Pork tenderloin is a lean cut, but delicious. If you baste it regularly, it won't dry and be juicy and tasty.

As you can see, I didn't cook the pork on the BBQ. Our vintage BBQ is too rusty (maybe I will win it one day? wishful thinking, as I keep entering all competitions to win a BBQ).
Once the pork was left to marinade for a couple of hours, the ceramic tray went in the oven preheated to 180C.

I have also sliced two pears and added them to the tray with 100ml rose wine and juice of half a lime and half an orange. The rose wine was one of those indescribable varieties that typically appear in the dinner for £10 offers in Sainsbury's or Waitrose, not entirely bad but not exciting either. The pears were added after the pork was cooked for at least half an hour at 180C (then I lowered the temperature and cooked for another 45 minutes).
Serve with the roasted baby sweet peppers and roast potatoes.

My friends are used now to being guinea pigs for my new recipes and jokingly ask "Is that for your blog?" when I serve something new to them. This dish has been unanimously voted as a success.

If you liked this recipe suggestion, keep an eye on my future posts, as I have been sent a selection of new Schwartz products for testing and reviewing.

For more information about the range and further mealtime inspiration, visit Schwartz. Join the conversation on Facebook at SchwartzCookingClub and Twitter at @SchwartzCooking

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