Tuesday 12 February 2013

Pancake cornucopia

Happy Pancake Day! My post today will be short and sweet. I just want to share the photos of the pancakes I made today as requested by my guys.
We've been big fans of Elmer the patchwork elephant for years, first with Sasha and now with Eddie, so it is only natural that Elmer inspired me to make the pancake elephant today.
I used the kitchen scissors to cut out the shape, then traced the lines with the Queens icing pens and added a few pieces of sliced banana and strawberry. Colourful, sweet and fun!

Sasha was watching me closely as I made Elmer the pancake elephant, and gave me a book of Meg in the Zoo, which I interpreted as a request to do a Meg and Mog-themed pancake.
The scissors came handy again. And here is our favourite witch flying on a broomstick with the owl next to her and Mog sitting in the cauldron.

Simple pleasures of life are always the best.


  1. These are fabulous, you are very talented!

  2. Thank you, Janice. My little Elmer turned to be quite popular on Twitter today, really happy that so many people commented on it.

  3. They're fantastic. We could start this into a new game - hmmmm let me find you a book. See what you can do with Fifty Shades of Grey !! lol ;-)

  4. Hmm a bondage pancake, maybe tied with a string and sprayed with the gold dust?

  5. These look fantastic, loads better than mine turned out. I love the meg and mog one, it brings back childhood memories.

  6. Did they get eaten? In my house I know people would be yelling "You can't eat Elmer!"

    1. Good point. I'm afraid Elmer & co were eaten (as was Peppa pig the birthday cake, lol).