Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Chobani yogurts

Are you feeling peckish? Would you like to have a lovely snack that would taste great and have 0% fat? There's a new range of yogurts on the market - Chobani - which has taken America by storm.

"Chobani was founded on the belief that people have great taste; they just need great options. That’s why we started Chobani back in 2005 — to make high-quality, great tasting yoghurt available to the masses. In just five short years, yoghurt lovers across the pond made Chobani the number one selling yoghurt in America!"

Available in six fat free flavours - Strawberry, Peach, Black Cherry, Blood Orange, Pomegranate and Plain. You can find it in selected Tesco stores.

It is so easy to kick-start a healthy eating plan with Chobani fat free yogurts. Their thick texture makes the range of Chobani yogurts to be a truly versatile ingredient for cooking lots of different dishes.
Here are a few ideas:
- swirl a tablespoon of plain yogurt in the thick creamy soup: pumpkin, carrot and orange, tomato, beetroot - the choice is endless.
- for a low fat potato salad version substitute your usual mayo or creme fraiche with the Chobani plain yogurt
- Love blini? top up with a teaspoon of yogurt and go on, add a sliver of smoked salmon
- fed up with the usual cereal or granola with milk at breakfast time? Create a delicious granola berry fool: take a glass, add a couple of tablespoons of granola, then a layer of the fruit compote and top up with the Chobani yogurt (how about the blood orange or black cherry flavour).

When the portable cool box arrived to our house with the fresh selection of Chobani yogurts, my little man Eddie was dancing around and insisted on eating one of them there and then. He went for the strawberry flavour. I had a spoonful as well, and was impressed with the quality of the yogurt, very creamy. Eddie kept saying "cream with strawberries", and he was right, it does taste just like the cream with strawberries, absolutely delightful.

I love using yogurts in cooking, and the two tubs of plain yogurt came very handy.
My first dish was a very simple beetroot salad: bake the beets in the oven until cooked through, let them cool, grate, mix with the chopped walnuts and dried prunes and add the plain yogurt. If you prefer, add a crushed clove of garlic for a more adult taste. As Eddie is not fond of garlic, I kept this salad garlic-free.

Another lovely salad made with the plain yogurt - Kohlrabi, apples and dates salad - was so tasty that I can easily eat it every day. And again the Chobani yogurt works beautifully with this combination of flavours, enhancing the sweetness of the apples and dates and the juiciness of the kohlrabi.

For Valentine's day I wanted to bake a yogurt cake with a difference. As this is the season for the blood oranges, I opted for using the blood orange yogurt from Chobani with the real blood oranges while baking this cake. It was very moist and moreish.

For a healthy treat serve the roasted fruit like peaches with a generous dollop of Chobani peach yogurt. You can find this recipe on my previous blog post here.

Whether you decide to eat the Chobani yogurt straight from the pot or use in cooking, you will enjoy the combination of the thick creamy yogurt with the real fruit pieces. All Chobani products contain five live and active cultures and real fruit.
Chobani is also certified kosher and gluten free and is over 95% lactose free.

And what's more, Chobani is committed to supporting the community. It gives 10% of its annual profits to charities worldwide through the Shepherd's Gift Foundation.

P.S. We were sent a coolbox of yogurt for the purposes of reviewing, all the opinions are mine.


  1. We're so glad you enjoyed our authentic strained CHO, Galina! And that you found so many great ways to use our yoghurt. We can't wait to try your kohlrabi, apple and date salad - it looks so good.

    If any of your readers would like to try Chobani too, feel free to get in contact!

  2. Thank you for sending me a selection of Chobani yogurts to try! :)