Thursday 7 February 2013

Baking with Suzy: Love Heart Jam Biscuit Baking Kit

Are you baking-mad and follow all the baking shows with great interest? Then you must know who Suzy Pelta is. She was the winner of the Lorraine's Cake Club Competition on ITV  last year, and her lush cake earned her plaudits from the public and competition judges. You can find her delicious recipes on Suzy Pelta Bakes. I love cooking and foodie competitions, and if there's one announced online, I'll be there in 60 seconds. Imagine my delight when I won Suzy's Valentine's bake tin blog competition (there were over 3000 entries, wow!).

So, what does every Valentine's bake tin contain? Each tin includes all of the key ingredients to make ‘Love Heart Jam Biscuits’ including a bag of caster sugar, a bag of plain flour, a pot of Bonne Maman strawberry jam and a heart cookie cutter!

The kit is very easy to use, very straightforward, and is probably perfect for even those cooks who are beginners or are not confident in baking. I have followed the instructions, adding the zest from one orange (I'm going through the stage when I am adding oranges everywhere). I think you can happily play with the flavours and add either vanilla, or a pinch of cinnamon. Or leave it as it is.

My guys loved the cookies, especially when they were still hot from the oven and quite soft. Absolutely delicious. Eddie has eaten four of them in one go and was asking for more, but I had to stop him as I didn't want him to be too full before dinnertime.
We had more than expected 18 cookies.

And once the biccies are gone, you have a lovely tin and a heart-shaped cookie cutter.
This kit would make a great Valentine's treat for any budding chef. You will have lots of fun with your kids in the kitchen.

To read more about Suzy Pelta's range, have a look here.


  1. I would quite happily receive baking kits for my birthday AND Christmas each year! I love biscuits with jam on, it tastes so much more lovely when it has been baked on a biscuit :)

  2. well done, these look gorgeous - and perfect for Valentine's day :)

  3. These look lovely and great for the kids to help with

  4. Ah they look yum! Perfect for a Valentines activity

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