Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Happy stamping with Stamptastic

The first school term is in full swing, in fact we're almost approaching the midterm break. Having two sons in school means a lot of labelling of school clothes and shoes, not a task that I can say I enjoy. Writing with pens soon washes off, embroidering is too time-consuming. I did embroider my younger son's initials on a couple of cardigans, but it took me ages. Thankfully Stamptastic came to the rescue, and saved my time and sanity.

I have already heard of this brand and seen some blog reviews, where Mums were raving about a new way of labelling all kids' belongings.
Now it was my turn to try it and discover just how good Stamptastic was.

I received a set of two personalised stamps with my sons' names as well as an inkpad. The stamps are attached to transparent acrylic blocks for easy stamping. When you use them, you can see exactly where the name goes.

Both the stamps and ink can be used on any fabric, wood, plastic and even metal (though I haven't tried the last option yet).
The stamping is very straight-forward and easy. The stamped words look crisp and clear to read.
As I wash my guys' clothes on a daily basis, all school clothes went through a good amount of washing cycles since the day I stamped all the labels.
I am pleased to report that all the ink stays put, and hasn't faded. So, when Stamptastic promises that the ink will last wash after wash, they deliver their promise.

I was particularly impressed with the stamping on my younger son's wellies. He's been wearing them to school, and we walk a long distance to school and back every day. I suppose there will be a natural wear of the ink from the soles, but for the time being the stamping stays put.

It's a brilliant little gadget for all parents, and I am happy to recommend it to anyone who doesn't have much time or desire to hand-stitch and embroider all labels.

To find out more about Stamptastic and read all the testimonials, visit Stamptastic.


  1. That is a great idea for school clothes, I hate sewing on labels and iron on ones never stay on.

    1. A good gadget to invest in, saves so much time and hassle