Saturday, 4 October 2014

Erlenbacher Premium Apple Pie

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe (Carl Sagan)

Apple pie is one of the all-time favourite classic desserts. It is a true comfort food. Apples and pastry are a true match made in heaven. I do enjoy baking my own apple tarts and pies, but I equally enjoy a big slice of apple pie when I have a chance to go out, especially if it's served with ice cream or custard. To coincide with the apple harvest time, Erlenbacher, frozen cake manufacturer, is placing one of its best-selling products on the shelves - the Premium Apple Pie.

It's fantastic if you bake your own pies from scratch, but can a bought variety of an apple pie compete with a homemade one?! I was curious to find out if an Erlenbacher apple pie is as good (or even better) as my own apple pies.
Erlenbacher offers an amazing range of 200 premium frozen cakes. Don't browse their site on an empty stomach. Their cakes and bakes are sold in cafes and patisseries.
Erlenbacher Premium Apple Pie, launched in the UK in 2012, is created with a short crust pastry and apple filling from Cripps Pink Apples for the ultimate sweet and tangy taste.

This is one of Erlenbachers best sellers over the last few years. It is made with only natural ingredients, without any nasties like hydrogenated fats and oils, added preservatives, aritficial colourants and flavourings.
I received 3 slices of apple pie.
First impressions? It looks just like a traditional homemade version with big chunks of soft apple filling and crumbly pastry.  If I didn't know it was made by Erlenbacher, I would have thought it was home-baked. I think even Mary Berry would be deceived by its looks.

The slices are very generous in size, so we divided them in halves. I tried it both at a room temperature and hot (reheated in the oven).
It was delicious on its own and great with custard too. My husband who is not easy to please when it comes to cakes and bakes, declared it was excellent.
The apple pieces in the filling were soft yet chunky. The pastry was crumbly and not too sweet, a perfect receptacle for the sweet aromatic apples.

If this apple pie is indicative of the exciting range of Erlenbacher desserts, then I am happy to explore it further and will be looking for their cakes when visiting the local cafes and restaurants.
I only wish Erlenbacher range was also available in supermarkets.

Disclosure: I received samples of Premium Apple Pie for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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  1. I love apple pie, this looks gorgeous and much pretties than my home baked ones!