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Christmas gifts for Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts' fans

Christmas gifts for Harry Potter fans
Harry Potter Living Nature Snowy Owl and Niffler soft toys

Gallopin' Gorgons, it's the 21st of December! Only 4 days left until Christmas!
I have been super disorganised this year. To my defence, I was not sure whether we would be travelling to my in-laws or staying at home for Christmas. And now I still need to do a few things.

Buying Christmas gifts for my younger son is super easy. I know exactly what he would like: anything to do with gaming (Minecraft, Roblox etc), silly Youtubers' trends (a t-shirt with a dabbing Santa, anyone?) and Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts.

We got this Harry Potter outfit in Sainsbury's before Halloween

If there is a big fan of HP/FB in your life, and you're still undecided on presents, don't panic - here is a quick guide on possible gifts. If you google for HP gifts, the list of suggested sites and ideas could be overwhelming, so I'm keeping my list simple, with the things you can easily buy on High Street, as ordering online today might not get you that gift in time, though still feasible.

First call of port - Waterstone's. Our lovely local Waterstone's team is very much into the world of wizards, and they have a super display of HP/FB gifts, from wands to chocolate, from Cluedo to Hogwarts Express mugs.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling (£25, at the moment you can find it at £17+) is a splendid edition, illustrated by Olivia Lomenech Gill. It features all the fabulous magical creatures.
A must for all HP/FB fans. Available in all good book shops, both on High Street and online.

Christmas gift ideas

I can't wait for my son to open his gift on Christmas. I know he'll be ecstatic. He saw this book at Waterstone's and loved it.
He actually knows he will get a book for Christmas, just doesn't know which one. I ordered it online, and when it arrived, kids were at school and I told my husband it was a gift for Eddie. In the evening he asked Eddie if he loved the book. Cue the questions: what book? Thank you, my dear husband.

Pop! Need I say more? Personally I'm not the biggest fan, but these vinyl figures are super popular with both children and grown-ups. Just have a look at Instagram feeds, they appear in so many book-related posts.
Available widely - Waterstone's, Game, Entertainer etc. There are many different figures in the series, so you can pick up your favourite character.

Baby Nifflers look so adorable! Give me half a dozen. These ones can be found at Waterstone's. Go on, you know you want one.

gifts for Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts fans

Harry Potter: The Postcard Collection (£14.99) is a beautiful set of 100 quality cards. Your recipients will love receiving these cards, that is, if you can part with them.

LEGO - again a popular choice, and a huge variety of sets and minifigures. They are highly collectible, and some of the older sets are offered at totally insane prices on amazon or ebay. Old style Lego Harry Potter: Hogwarts castle for £652 anyone?
The current HP Lego series is available at more affordable prices. We've already collected the whole set of minifigures.

LEGO Fantastic Beasts Grindewald's Escape Carriage Toy (£15 on amazon at the moment) is a beautiful set, and I hope my son will enjoy it. You can find it at John Lewis, Argos, Sainsbury's etc.

Christmas gifts for Fantastic Beasts fans

Harry Potter Mini Bell Jar Light - you can find it in Debenhams, Argos, Robert Dias (best price at the moment - £6.99) - is super cute. Don't forget to buy the batteries (you will need 2 AAA batteries).

Christmas gifts for Harry Potter fans

An this is the light, out of the box.

Christmas gifts for Harry Potter fans

Browsing at Lakeland yesterday, I saw this lovely Harry Potter egg and toaster cutter set. I also saw it in Sainsbury's.

The egg cup includes glasses and hair. Set comes with a spoon and a toast cutting template

Image credit: MenKind
There are also edible HP/FB gifts. You might have seen chocolate wands and Hogwarts house badges.

... and chocolate frogs, of course...

If it's something to wear that you're after, you can find all kinds of pyjamas, tops, scraves etc.
EMP has a good selection of HP merch and clothes.
M&Co has Hogwarts children's tops and pyjamas.

As you can see, you can still make someone special very happy.

Are you a HP/FB fan? What gift would you choose?

P.S. This post has not been sponsored by any of the above mentioned brands. I just enjoyed going around the shops and browsing (well, and shopping too).

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