Monday, 19 February 2018

Potted Craster Kippers

what to do with smoked kippers

I should really know better by now that if you don't need something on offer, it's not a bargain. It so happened that we were in Waitrose just before closing time on Sunday, after a visit to the cinema. I looked at the fish counter, and there was a big bag of smoked kippers for less than a pound.
For some reason I decided that I really fancied a kipper. I haven't eaten a single kipper in the last couple of years.
Then I came home with my bargain, and it dawned on me, that nobody in the house, nobody but me, would eat kippers, even if their lives depended on it.
And there were four of them in a bag. Oups, that was a mistake. I started looking online what I could do with kippers apart from the obvious poaching or grilling.

Then I came across a recipe for simple potted Craster kippers on Telegraph. I have changed the recipe a bit, I didn't want the kippers to drown in soured cream.
I cooked 4 fish, but used only 2 in making potted kippers.

what to do with smoked kippers

Potted Craster Kippers
2 Craster kippers, butterflied
100g unsalted butter
4tbsp soured cream
juice of 1/2 lemon
toast to serve

Place the kippers in a baking dish/tray and add the butter, cut into cubes all over them. Squeeze the lemon juice over kippers. Put the baking tray in the oven preheated to 180C, and cook for about 8 minutes until golden brown.

fish recipes

Take the tray out, and let the fish cool enough to handle.
Remove the skin, flake the fish and try to remove as many bones as possible.
Mix the fish with the soured cream, divide the mix and place into individual deep ramekins. Pour the melted butter over the flaked fish.

Once cold, place the ramekins, covered with cling film or foil, in the fridge.
Serve with hot crusty bread or toast, with spring onions or gherkins.
It is actually quite tasty. In small doses.

what to do with smoked kippers

I've been eating those kippers for the whole week. I think I most likely won't buy another one any time soon. But there is noone blame but myself and my love of bargains.


  1. Craster is just down the road in Northumberland, they make lovely kippers. Love the look of these potted kippers, a great way to use them up

    1. I didn't realise it's not far from you. The kippers are top notch, but for now I'm a bit fed up of them. :)

  2. Kippers are big news in Dunkirk at the moment because the mayor throws them out of the clock tower during carnival and it's a great honour to manage to catch one ! In fact, Mike brought one home (they're vacuum packed in plastic) and it's been sitting in the fridge ever since. I'd never have thought of potted kippers but if he doesn't eat it soon, that's what I'll do with it !

    1. Not sure I'd like to be hit by a smelly kipper, thrown out of the tower. :) Good for Mike to catch it.