Friday, 2 February 2018

LEGO Minecraft The Nether Fight

LEGO Minecraft set

Eddie has been begging me for over a year to buy an XBox for him so that he could play Minecraft. Apparently all his friends were into Minecraft. I kept saying No until the Black Friday last year, when I saw a good price on an XBox Minecraft package at Sainsbury's, and I failed to resist the pressure.
I tell myself it was a moment of madness, and I do regret buying it.

This was the one and only Christmas gift for Eddie, and I told him he should not expect anything else. He was deliriously happy with the gift.
The problem is, of course, that he doesn't get tired of playing Minecraft, so I have to limit his gaming time. He also enjoys watching his favourite Youtubers who do nothing but play Minecraft. You'd have to pay me big money to watch any of their videos, I find them excruciatingly boring and irritating. But it appears, I'm totally behind the times because that's what he wants to be, when he grows up. A Youtuber. Sigh.

LEGO is another passion of my son. Combine LEGO with Minecraft, and he's on cloud nine.
Last week I bought him a LEGO Minecraft The Nether Fight set.
He has been good, practicing playing on his guitar, and I wanted to reward him.

LEGO MInecraft set

There are three minifigures in the set: Alex, a zombie pigman and a wither skeleton, plus there is a small magma cube. I don't know its significance, but if I ask Eddie, I'm sure he'd be giving me a long lecture on the merits of it.
I did ask him recently a question on Minecraft, he went into such detail, that my eyes started to glaze over.

This set could be easily combined with any other LEGO Minecraft sets, or admired on its own.
You build a Minecraft Nether setting with buildable mushrooms and flames, and a TNT blasting action.

The TNT function is meant to blast out the netherrack and magma blocks. Does it mean anything to me? Neh, to me neither.

The set includes over 80 pieces, and is suitable for ages 6-14 and older.

This set would be a great gift for any LEGO or Minecraft fan.


  1. LOL It's a sign of the times - Pierre asked if he could start a Youtube channel the other day !! I have to admit, I don't get the video game playing videos either but Pierre likes them !

    1. What did you tell Pierre? Is he allowed to have a Youtube channel?

  2. You tube is a thing, mu son is always watching bizarre things on there. I don't get them

    1. It's a new generation thing, they think it's so cool.