Thursday, 8 February 2018

New Schleich Dinosaurs

Shake, shake, shudder, near the sludgy old swamp.
The dinosaurs are coming.
Get ready to romp.
(Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitton)

I was admiring the latest dinosaurs from Schleich and humming to myself "Shake, shake, shudder..." It used to be one of Sasha's favourite books when he was little. The book had a CD, and oh boy, we have listened to that poem hundreds of times. No wonder I still remember it, years later.

Schleich, a much loved toy brand, has added several new dinosaurs to its extensive collection of prehistoric animals. The new dinosaur figurines come in new poses and designs. These three minifigures retail at £7.99-9.99.

dinosaur toys, dinosaur minifigures

We are lucky to have two lovely toy shops in town. There is a mainstream Entertainer plus a local toy-cum-bike shop which is open seven days a week, so we pop in quite often on Sundays. I always admire the miniature world of Schleich toys at the entrance to the shop.

The craftsmanship is exceptional, with great attention to detail. Their animal and fantasy figures appeal to both children and adults. They are excellent for imaginative play, and they don't fade with time.
What new dinosaurs could you find in Schleich dino range?

Oviraptor lived over about 75 million years ago, at the time of the Velociraptor. The first skeleton of oviraptor was discovered as lying on a nest of eggs. It was presumed that it wanted to steal the eggs, hence the name which means an egg thief.
But actually the poor dino was not stealing eggs, it was sitting in its own nest.

dinosaur toys, dinosaur minifigures

The Oviraptor resembled a flightless bird. It hunted for shellfish, mussels and snails.

dinosaur toys, dinosaur minifigures

dinousaur minifigures

Tawa was a carnivore. Its had a distinct slender snout and a long neck.
Apparently, it is thanks to its skeleton that the scientists established the origins of dinosaurs. They came from that part of the Earth which is known now as South America, and from there they have spread around the world. Fascinating.

dinosaur minifigures

The Tawa were much faster than the other dinosaurs, thanks to hollow bones, which made them lightweight.

dinosaur toys

dinosaur minifigures

As with all Schleich minifigures the attention to detail is extraordinary. Just look at the snout, with the rotten teeth.

Velociraptor was one of the smallest dinosaurs. These two-legged creatures were smart and cunning, and hunted in packs. Though about 60-70cm in height, you wouldn't be able to dismiss these carnivores because of their height. They would stalk and hunt their prey, even considerably bigger in size than them, and attack as a pack.

dinosaur minifigures

They were super speedy too, and could reach 65km per hour.
To help them chew their prey, they had eighty sharp crooked teeth, some of them as long as 2.5cm.

dinosaur facts, dinosaur toys

The minifigure of velociraptor has movable arms and lower jaw. The paintwork is beautifully done. This is an additional model to Schleich top-seller figure of velociraptor.

This is an excellent collection, great for imaginative play and with an educational aspect. Children will want to discover more about these prehistoric animals.

dinosaur minifigures

Disclosure: we received a selection of Schleich toys for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions are our own.

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