Friday, 19 February 2016

Gazillion Tornado bubble machine

Bubbles, who doesn't love them?! And what could be better than bubbles? Perhaps only a gazillion bubbles? For all you bubble-lovers there is a Gazillion Tornado bubble machine (available in Tesco). This super machine produces hundreds of bubbles per minute.

The suggested ideal age group for this mega bubble blower is between 5 and 9 years. I must be clearly in that age group, as I enjoy the bubbles as much as my 5-year-old son.
There is something magical about them, don't you think?! They live short lives, but are an object of beauty and admiration. Sparkling in the sun, they transform the most dull winter garden into a magical one.

The toy is easy to use. You will need a bottle of bubble solution which you insert in the little tub on the side. Press the button at the back and the gadget starts operating. Give it a minute or so before the bubbles appear.

Eddie and I had great fun, watching a beautiful cascade of ethereal sparkling bubbles. The wind took them over the rooftops, and it was such a spectacular show.
The day wasn't particularly warm, but at least it was dry.

I think my boy imagined himself a conductor of the bubbles' orchestra, he waved his hands, trying to catch the shining spheres.

Gazillion Tornado bubble machine retails at £12.99, and will make a lovely gift for any child. If you're thinking of what to do at Easter school break, this could be just a perfect toy for playing outdoors.

A fantastic toy! As you can see from the photos, my son was very happy. You cannot fake those grins.
My only suggestion is to buy a big value bottle of bubble solution as the little ones don't last very long.

Disclosure: I received the bubble machine for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are Eddie's and mine.


  1. Those are some beautiful pictures, if I were a photographer I would be tempted to pick up one of these little machines for photo shoots!

  2. My niece has one of these and they are so much fun. They make brilliant bubbles.