Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Andy's Amazing Adventures magazine launch

"Mummy, I wish I could travel with Andy. If he takes me to see dinosaurs, I will bring a baby T-Rex with me back home and call him Baby T"

Oh, the excitement, the excitement! Andy's Amazing Adventures - a brand new magazine from Immediate Media is launched today.
The magazine is based on a series of much loved CBeebies shows Andy's Wild Adventures, Andy's Dinosaur Adventures and the forthcoming Andy's Prehistoric Adventures.

Many a parent with a preschooler or primary school child knows exactly who Andy is. His cheeky grin enchants children and grown-ups alike.

Even I am, ahem, a fan. Eddie and I like to watch Andy's adventures together. I love the fact that there is so much information crammed into each episode. Eddie has learnt a lot of difficult, almost unpronounceable dino names and trivia on their eating habits and habitat. We always root for Andy, cheering him to get back to the Museum before he's been "caught" out, time-travelling.
When I told Eddie about the new magazine, he could hardly contain his excitement.

Each issue will come with a super free gift. The first issue had a super duper T-Rex Grabber...

and five mini dinos to play with...

It is jam-packed with stories, stickers, colouring pages and puzzles.

"The magazine is based upon the 7 key areas of learning that support early years development so it's full of fun things while also supporting readers' learning".

There is a poster of a ferocious T-Rex, complete with a Gizmo report.

Besides all the fun and informative stories and activities there is also a book token for the coming World Book Day which you will be able to exchange for a book. There will be 10 books to choose from, including Supertato and Kipper's Visitor.

As you can see, this wonderful magazine is a treasure trove of fun and knowledge. This is the only magazine which brings millions of years of natural history to life for pre-schoolers.
This is also the only dinosaur magazine which is created in collaboration with the BBC's Natural History Unit.

Disclosure: We received the magazine for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are Eddie's and mine.

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