Saturday, 2 August 2014

Smiles on a plate with McCain (promotion review)

Rat-a-tat-tat... This morning our postie woke us up with a knock on the door - he had a big box for us. My younger son was eager to open it. Inside we found a big melamine plate with his photo. I confess I forgot all about it as I placed an order over a month ago. You might have seen promotional McCain products like Smiles and Mini Jackets, which invite parents to collect free codes for personalised photo gifts. McCain says: "Now you can make meal times more fun with a personalised plate, bowl, cup or coaster featuring your child's smile!"

There are three fun designs to choose from. The mealtimes goodies are made from durable high quality melamine.
Eddie was delighted to have a special plate with his photo.
What do you need to do if you want to place an order? Collect two codes from McCain products, visit Smilesonplates page and enter your two unique codes. Upload a photo of your child on a chosen item. Enlarge the image to fit in the selected shape and design. You will need to pay 50p towards the postage.
This offer runs until December 2014.

Now that our gift has arrived, I am going to order more items, as I have been saving the codes from Smiles.

The plate is made from strong melamine, the image is high quality. It took over a month for our order to arrive, so keep that in mind when placing an order (I was hoping it would arrive before my son's birthday but it took longer than that). My son is very happy with his personalised plate. We're just back from a week in Cornwall, and I have plenty of photos taken by the seaside which I would love to use on our merchandise.
I think we'll make some plates for my in-laws, I bet they will love them.

Disclosure: I received two free codes to order an item of my choice in order to mention the promotion on my blog. I have paid for the postage myself.

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