Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mittens the white cat (Happy's Pets)

Who would have thought that my Superheroes- & Lego-obsessed little man would fall in love with a fluffy bundle called Mittens?! Mittens the white cat is one of four cute Happy's Pets, a brand new range of tail-chasing pets from Flair.

There are four interactive furry friends who love to play: Bentley the retriever, Chance the beagle, Sport the goldendoodle and Mittens the white cat. They can interact with the owner and each other, using Infrared Technology. Each pet comes with its own special themed Happy treat. For example, our Mittens arrived with a yellow fish treat. You press the little button, and Mittens performs the tricks.
All Happy's toys are able to move around fast, spin, make noises and a silly dance routine.

Photo of The Happy's pets is reproduced here courtesy of The Happy's

My son was thrilled with Mittens' antics, and was happily chasing it around the room. He was in stitches when Mittens was spinning and making mewing noises. He keeps saying now that he is going to take the cat with us next time we go on holidays to Italy to show to his Nonna (who is very fond of cats and has three or four cats).

Mittens is fluffy, cuddly and cute. The Happy's will make a lovely gift for any preschooler or primary school child.
The only fault I could find is that the treat has ran out of battery very quickly. Mittens itself is still full of beans and loves pouncing and spinning, but the treat needs a new battery already.

Flair said they are set on a mission to make every kid in the UK happy. Don't know about all the kids, but they have certainly made one little boy happy indeed.

Disclosure: we received Mittens the cat for the purposes of reviewing and writing an honest review. All opinions are mine.


  1. That is so cute and he looks fascinated. It's always the same with battery operated toys, you need loads of spares

    1. It's not even a standard AA battery, so will need to go in town to buy some more. :)