Saturday, 30 August 2014

Discover your Personali-tea with PG Tips

“The Chinese say it's better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one.”
Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns

Are you one of these people who enjoy doing different quizzes online to find your past life, colour, song you represent, country you should have been born in etc etc. Well, I am one of these people. Just the other day I did a quick quiz Which career you were actually meant for? and "discovered" I should be a chef. Close enough as I enjoy cooking, but surely I wouldn't want to do it as a job. Anyway, these quizzes are harmless fun. If you follow PG Tips on Facebook, you might have noticed their exciting quiz to determine your Personali-tea.

They say: "With so may different varieties available, it's all about providing teas for every taste and finding the perfect tasting cuppa for your personality. So whether you're a visionary who is full of ideas, a loyal and conscientious character, an individualist who leads the pack, or the architect who is strong and bold, there's certainly a type of PG Tips tea for you!
To find out which PG Personali-tea you are, simply take the quiz via the PG Tips Facebook page"

How could I resist such an invitation?! The wizards at PG Tips thought The Fresh One described my personali-tea, and apparently I am The Visionary. Sounds just about right, doesn't it? (insert a smilie here).
The Fresh One is one of four teas in The Premium Range. I was curious to find out if this tea truly matches my personality in real life.

The Mellow One is a mix of black and decaffeinated teas to help you unwind. It is has quite a pronounced tannin flavour, with a woody body. I liked it best with a spoonful of sugar and a slice of lemon. As all teas in PG Tips Premium range, it is a good base for an iced tea, especially if you add some sliced citrus and/or berries.

The Fresh One is a lovely pick me up tea, with a slightly crisp edge. It makes an attractive deep red drink, easy to drink, smooth and refreshing. This blend is made of 100% Kenyan tea. It is uplifting, with a distinct aroma. The colour is a dark amber or golden brown.

The Strong One: It is a rich, full-flavoured and well-rounded brew, excellent as a morning cuppa to give you a kick start for a day ahead. As the name suggests, it is on the strong side, so better drink it in the morning and first half of the day. I liked it best with half a teaspoon of honey, to slightly sweeten an intense edge of a powerful brew. PG Tips call it a thick tea, and I tend to agree with them, it is a dark coloured tea, with a malty aroma.

The Rich One was my top favourite from the selection of four. It is very smooth, indulgent, easy on the palate, refreshing and very tasty. For me The Rich One was an overall winner. It ticks all the right boxes for me, or should I say tea boxes?! A great black tea, which is excellent on its own, with or without milk or sugar.
So, Monkey, Brand Ambassador for PG Tips, got it slightly wrong, when he suggested The Fresh One as my top tea. It so happened, that The Rich One is my top choice of the premium range.

All tea leaves in PG Tips pyramid bags are fully Rainforest Alliance Certified. So when we pick a box of PG Tips, we are helping our environment as well as tea growers and their families, a win-win situation.

Have you tried the Personali-tea quiz? What is your Personali-tea?

Disclosure: I received a hamper of PG Tips teas for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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