Friday, 14 February 2014

Tesco Finest Potatoes

Having read that the Orchard at Tesco programme is recruiting new members, I joined in just in time to take part in Fresh and Flavourful finest Potatoes Orchard Programme. If you haven't heard of the Orchard, the idea is that you receive money-off vouchers, buy the product, test it and then post your reviews online and talk to your friends about it. I found out about it thanks to Cheryl from Madhouse Family Reviews and her Fab freebies of the week (if you're not following her yet, why don't you?).
We love potatoes, and I am happy to eat them every day. And as a foodie blogger, I am always on the lookout for new products, so I was pleased to try new varieties of potatoes from Tesco.
As the member of the Orchard tatties programme, I received several money-off vouchers for myself and my friends (ranging from £1.50 to £0.50 off). You can use these vouchers both in store and online (I do online grocery shopping from Tesco).

Blue Belle potatoes with wild mushrooms and baked eggs

I have put two different varieties of potatoes in my shopping cart: Blue Belle and Venezia.
Blue Belle appealed to me, as they look very pretty, with purple "freckles" on creamy skin. Having read that they have a delicate and slightly sweet flavour, that's perfect for mashing or baking, that's the spud I wanted to try first. They remind me of my favourite King Edward potato in shape and pattern, only with darker speckles. They have a floury texture.
Blue Belle potatoes are great in roast dishes, either roasted on their own in the olive oil and seasoned with sea salt and nutmeg, or with garlic cloves, thyme and mushrooms.

Blue Belle potatoes

The very first simple dish I tried them in was Roast potatoes with wild mushrooms and baked eggs (see the photo below). They crisp nicely, staying fluffy and soft inside.
You will need:
2 big potatoes
a pack of wild mushrooms (100g, I used tesco Finest wild mushrooms)
2tbsp olive oil
2 medium eggs
a sprinkling of thyme
Cube the potatoes and parboil them in salted water. Drain the water, mix the potatoes with the olive oil and put them in the roasting dish in the oven preheated to 180C. Cook for about 20-25 minutes. Tear the wild mushrooms and give them a quick fry (about 3 minutes) before adding to the potatoes (15 minutes after you started roasting the potatoes). In the last five minutes of cooking, break two eggs into the potato-mushroom mix. Bake the eggs to your liking, either runny, semi-soft or hard. Serve hot with a good chunk of bread to dip into the dish. 

I have also made chicken soup for my children with Blue Belle potatoes. It is a good all-rounder. Having tried this variety last week, I bought a new bag of Blue Belle this week as well.
The photo below is Blue Belle roasted with the olive oil and halved garlic.

It was a side dish to serve with chipolatas roasted with the roasted red pepper jam (Pelagonia veg jams are delightful). It was a great combination of flavours and textures.
All in all, a great spud. I am glad to discover it, and I am happy to recommend it.
Our score: 10/10

Chipolatas with red pepper jam and roast Blue Belle potatoes

The next spud to try had a beautiful name - Venezia. It is an early salad potato which could be boiled or steamed for salads or roasted whole. These potatoes are smaller in size if compared to Blue Belle, and have a firmer smoother texture when cooked.

Once cooked, they have a buttery taste. I used them to make a Potato and shrimp salad for lunch.
8 small size potatoes
1 onion, sliced thinly
lemon juice, about 1tsp
1/2 tsp sugar
1 apple, sliced thinly
4 cornichons, chopped
200g cooked shrimps
2tbsp olive oil
You will need to cook the potatoes first, drain the water. Slice the potatoes thinly and arrange them on the plates. Thinly slice the onion, then using your hands, squeeze them quite roughly, you want them to get rather soft and floppy, add lemon juice and season with sea salt and half a teaspoon of sugar or honey. Mix well. In a separate bowl mix the cooked shrimps, chopped cornichons and apple as well as the onions. Add the olive oil. Place the shrimp mix on top of the sliced potatoes. Serve at once.

This variety was another winner. Absolutely perfect as a salad potato, as it keeps its shape when sliced.
And it tastes lovely.
There are two other potato varieties in Tesco Finest range, Elfe and Exquisa, and I am going to try them as well, so watch this space for more reviews.
Have you tried any of Tesco Finest potatoes? What did you think?

Disclosure: as a member of the Orchard at Tesco programme I received money-off vouchers to use as a discount. All opinions and recipe suggestions are mine.


  1. Aww thanks for the lovely mention :) I've just got another campaign for Finest Italian pasta which instantly made me think of you ! I love your baked eggs idea - it's like posh egg and chips !!

    1. Lol @ posh chips. It was dead easy and very tasty. Glad you found my post, I was going to tweet to you & forgot. Old age & all that. :)

  2. The potato with the eggs looks really tasty and not something I would of thought of but I feel it's something I could try :-)

  3. I used to think a spud was just a spud, but since I've tried different varieties I've been surprised. I've also discovered that fresh dug is even better, now we've got an allotment. This year I'm going to grow 5 different kinds. So far Charlotte is my favourite, because though it's supposed to be a new potato, if you leave it, it gets to full size.

    1. Agree, nothing can beat the taste of the freshly dug potatoes. I grew them in gro-bags a couple of years ago. Maybe I should grow them again this year

  4. The eggs and sausages both look so good with those potatoes - yum!

  5. These potato ideas look very tasty