Sunday, 9 February 2014

Say it with roses... in a tea cup

I first came across Bluebird Tea Co. when Eddie and I visited the Feastival back in August. I was admiring their stand with a superb selection of flavoured teas and almost having a mini-tantrum, as I couldn't make up my mind which tea to choose. I felt like a tot on the point of a meltdown, as I wanted them all.
I love rose petal teas, and was delighted to have a chance to sample Love Potion tea.

What is Love Potion?
It is a unique blend of Ceylon black tea with freeze-dried strawberry pieces, rose petals, jasmine, calendula, cocoa, vanilla, papaya, lime and candy hearts (have I forgotten anything?!).
It looks pretty and the fragrance is delightful. It reminds me of a stylish pot-pourri (without any artificial flavourings). I could happily walk around the house with my nose in the bag, sniffing the contents of Love Potion, but it might look odd.
Rose petals are well known for their health benefits, they are a source of vitamins A, C, D, E and even antioxidants. They also work as a gentle detoxing agent.

If your partner is a tea lover, this might be a great idea for a Valentine's gift (or any other occasion). Say it with roses - in a cup.

Krisi from Bluebird Tea Co (why do I always want to say Bluebeard tea? maybe because their tea flavours remind me of fairy tales and princesses in towers?) told me that I shouldn't steep it for longer than 3 minutes or it might turn bitter. I followed her advice. It is a fragrant flavourful tea, with all components singing in a polyphony. Beautiful unadorned with any sugar or sweetener.

Typically I wouldn't add any milk to a rose-flavoured tea but I was intrigued by Krisi's suggestion to add some, she said that it reminded her of Cadbury's strawberry creams in the Roses boxes. It does actually work well, though I think I still prefer it without milk, as a fruity-flowery infusion.
If you love floral teas, it's a delightful tea for an afternoon cuppa.

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To find out more about Bluebird tea co's selection, visit their website Bluebird Tea Co.

Disclosure: I received a bag of Love Potion tea for the purposes of testing and reviewing. All opinions are mine.


  1. Looks great but I don't think I fancy it myself!

    1. You should try it first, and maybe change your mind. :)

  2. That actually looks like it would be a lovely pot pouri, as well as a tea.