Sunday 1 September 2013

My busy day: Eddie at the Feastival

Mama says "If in the years to come anyone asks you when you started going to the festivals, you could always answer: at a grand old age of 3"

Yesterday Mama, our friend Jen and I went on a trip. We arrived to a huge field: there were thousands of people, cars and tents. Mama said this place is called The Big Feastival. And she promised me I would have fun.

So many things to do! Where do I start? Mama took me to the Tilda Kids area first. I love colouring. Tilda Kids have set up a table with the crayons and lovely pictures to colour in. At Tesco's stand you could colour in one segment of the wall.

Believe it or not but I met a Celebrity chef. Yes, I did. In the Tilda Kids Kitchen I learnt how to make the tuna bites with my favourite Sunshine rice (for recipes and more visit Tilda). Now I can cook them for my Mum. And to prove it, I have a certificate to show all and everyone that I cooked a yummy meal in Dhruv Baker's Cookery School.
When I'm older and famous, Mr Baker might even say that he met me at the Feastival and taught me how to cook the tuna bites.

Hobnobbing with the celebrities: meeting Dhruv Baker
Tilda Kids was packed full with hungry kids and their parents, and we sampled some yummy dishes. I was glad to see my favourite characters from Tilda rice on the photo cut outs.
So I pretended to be a tiger.

And a crocodile. And a monkey.

We left the Tilda Kids area to explore the Feastival grounds and stands. Adam Henson aka the UK’s favourite farmer brought lots of farm animals with him to the Feastival's Touch Farm. We could pet and feed the goats, laugh at the ducks' antics and most importantly, climb inside the pigsty and pet the piglets. Aren't they the cutest thing ever? Mama says they are called kunekune pigs. I think they should be called cutecute pigs.

"Mama, could I have one? Can we take one home with us? Please?"

That's my bum. That's piggie's bum.

Mama was a meanie. She didn't let me climb inside the Ecover van. I put on my best tragic face mask, but she only laughed at me.

She didn't want to buy this spanking brand new red tractor. What's wrong with this woman? Doesn't she see how mighty beautiful it is?

I had a full blast riding the yellow JCB pedal tractors. I need one just like that in our garden. I didn't want to leave.

The Funfair in the Little Dudes' area had all sorts of traditional British fun and games from a helter-skelter to the swing seats and other funfair attractions. And again, cruel mother didn't let me go on the helter-skelter. She said it's for the big kids only. Sigh.

Jen and I had so much fun on the teacup ride. Mum claimed she felt dizzy just looking at us. Silly Mama! She missed such a great opportunity. You can see me enjoying the ride in the video at the top.

I wasn't allowed to sit inside the real red tractor, but don't I look darn cute as an Old McDonald?

Thank you, Jen, for driving us to the Feastival and back! Can we go there again today?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Mum's note: big thanks to Tilda rice for offering us free tickets for the day, to Jen for taking us to the event and looking after Eddie when I needed to explore the stands and to Elizabeth for staying with Sasha, without your help I wouldn't have been able to attend the Big Feastival!


  1. Looks like a lovely day! I think your mummy was mean not to let you but the tractor! Lovely photos of a happy, sunny day out

    1. Thank you Ren! Hope you have a fab time today at the Feastival!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Claire, we were so lucky with the weather. It was my first festival as well.

  3. Wow, what a fantastic day! Now you just have to work out where you can park one of those tractors...

    1. lol, yes, we might find a parking space in the garden, but it won't go through the house (the only access to the walled garden is through the hall and corridor).

  4. LOL You made me giggle ! Looks like a brilliant day out, glad you could go and had such a fab time :)

    1. It was a big deal for me, as I left Sasha with the childminder and was very worried about how he would behave, but he was as good as gold

  5. What a great day out! Lots of interesting and fun activities as well as the fairground rides. Lovely happy photos of your little boy having so much fun - thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  6. It was great wasn't it? I'll add your post to my list of links on my review :)