Friday, 4 July 2014

To slim or not to slim?

Well, I ain't 16, not a beauty queen.
My eyes are baggin’ and my skin is saggin’
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Maybe that’s not love.
I ain't 20 either and I don't care neither...

I love the Older Ladies anthem, it has struck a right chord with many ladies of an "interesting age". I'm in my mid-40s and moving into the older ladies category, though having a (almost) 4-year-old somehow still keeps me young, I believe. I totally subscribe to Donnalou Stevens' philosophy apart from the poochy tummy bit. I know it shouldn't really matter but it does bother me, when applied to my own appearance. Maybe because as a young woman I used to be very slim, and in my mind I am still that slim girl. Yet the mirror tells a different story. I might be comparatively all right, but I am at my heaviest now, discarding two of my pregnancies. I cannot be bothered with the modes'l look, they live on a different planet, and I don't compare myself to them. It's when I look at the "normal" women like my son's nursery teacher or young girls I see in town, that I sigh mentally, knowing that I will never be that slim again.
Ideally I would love to lose about 10lb, but I am quite struggling with reaching my goal. I guess I can still hide my expanding waist under the floaty outfits, but I certainly cannot wear anything which reveals my poochy middle.

I tried 5:2 diet for a few months this year, but it didn't quite work for me. The weight loss was minimal, and the hassle of cooking a special diet food for myself was just too much.
I couldn't impose a diet on my guys, and with three fussy eaters, I was cooking up to 3 different meals a day. Then cooking a special meal just for myself on top of that made me feel like I'm a bloody restaurant.
Then one day I was browsing a catalogue from Yves Rocher, when I noticed some slimming products. I love their cosmetics, some of their cream ranges are my absolute favourites (like Riche Creme, a totally splendid range). Trusting their knowledge in the area of beauty products, I decided to try some of their slimming products. What could be easier than popping a few pills a day, or swapping a usual cup of coffee for a slimming one? Right?

Yves Rocher Defiligne Day & Night Fat Burner comes with a supply of 90 pills. You are supposed to take 2 dark red pills in the morning, and one white pill before dinner time. The main ingredients are Bitter Orange and Green Tea, both known for their health benefits. The rest of the ingredients list reads a bit like a Mendeleev's Periodic Table of elements.

The information on the box promises:
"Defiligne Day & NIght Fat Burner heps you reach your weight loss goals by using 3 plant extracts to slim your silhouette day and night.
During the day, Green tea and Yerba Mate help to burn fats.
At night, their slimming action continues to work while you rest: Citrus Aurantium and Green Tea stimulate lipidic and glucidic metabolism"
Sounds good?
It costs £15, which is a bit steep, though probably justified if it worked.

Yves Rocher Svelta Diet Coffee is another slimming product which I tried. This instant drink mix is made with Arabica coffee, plant extracts and chromium. There are 20 sticks in a box.

It has an acquired taste, which at first I found a bit odd. It reminded me of a chicory coffee which was popular in my youth in Russia. I have bought it a few times already and by now quite enjoy the taste, so will probably buy it in the future, when it's on offer (like now it is at half price offer at Yves Rocher).

Did these slimming products deliver what they promised? Sadly, I cannot report any weight loss. I wouldn't count half a kilo loss as a weight loss, as my weight naturally fluctuates in these limits.
I would like to read if anyone succeeded to lose weight, using these products but for me personally they didn't work at all. I should have saved my pennies and tried a proper diet instead.


  1. I think you look gorgeous as you are!

    1. You're too kind, Jane! It's just in the photo there's a scarf hiding the wobbly bits. :)

  2. Jane took the words right out of my mouth ! xx