Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Eddie's Sports Day

You often read about how competitive parents are during their children's Sports Day, and I was bracing myself to the sight and sound of the Tiger mothers, cheering their offspring. I shouldn't have worried. It was a lovely moving event, which we all enjoyed. Two nursery classes (mainstream and special needs) were split into four mixed groups and taken to their "stations". My little man was excited for days in advance, talking about the coming Sports Day. I was busy clicking my camera, as I know Eddie really loves looking at the photos of any events or trips (I have blotted out the faces of the other children and teachers for security reasons).

Eddie's group were first to conquer the obstacle race, jumping from one musical circle pad to another, running over the mini-bridge and going through the tunnel. What fun!
Then, to coincide with the World Cup, they were taken to the football station and were invited to score a goal. Eddie was a real champ! There was a little boy in his group, let's call him Alfie, who is a walking frame user, and he totally melted all hearts with his courage and determination. My eyes welled up each time he finished the task, and I could see his Dad was almost crying (he wasn't alone, all the Mums around were wiping their eyes too).

And this is what I absolutely love about this school. This is the only integrated school in town, and my older son was a student here, in the special needs section. He benefited from being in a small group environment with a great support from his teachers, but also having joint activities like assemblies and sports days with the mainstream school. I also wanted Eddie to learn that all people are different, and there are all kinds of conditions. He knows about Sasha's autism and accepts it as given, but I wanted him to see that Sasha is not the only child like that. Children in this school will grow up, seeing their special needs contemporaries and treating them with kindness. They won't grow up ignorant, like some adults who glare or stare at people with disabilities.

Eddie has had a happy year in his nursery, he acquired lots of lovely friends, and it is with sadness that we'll be leaving this school and moving to a new one. My husband insisted on applying for a different school, with better academic credentials, and he put so much pressure on me, that I gave up. I lost this battle. I have nothing against Eddie's new school, it is a fantastic school, and I'm sure he will love it, but I am grateful to his current nursery/school for everything they did for my boys. (At least he is not going to a private school. As someone who's been brought up as a socialist, I am totally against the private schools despite all their advantages, but that's another issue).

Going back to our Sports Day, children were full of energy and joy, and completed each task with enthusiasm. As for parents, of course, we were cheering our kids, especially those who have difficulties.

Eddie was a little bit shy at first, but later he was too busy, doing things, and I was one proud Mum.

Here he is, doing a dressing up race, where they had to pick up a hat, a tabard, dress up and pick up a hobby horse.

The parachute game was very popular with the kids, they laughed when the little teddies were flying above their heads.To be honest, I didn't quite understand whether they were supposed to keep them in, or send them flying.

All kids got their medals, and Eddie was very proud to get one.

It was a sunny day, full of lovely activities, but the most memorable moment for me was the little brave Alfie in his walking frame.
Next week we'll say Good Bye to Springfield. Keep up the good job!

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  1. Aww! What a lovely day!! Well done to all involved x

  2. That looks like such a well organised sports day by your nursery. Lots of fun and not too competitive. Hopefully it will prepare them well for enjoying big school sports day too. We have ours tomorrow

  3. It's unfortunate my dog has the same name as your son! It looks like he had a great time

  4. Aww what a fab looking sports day! Looks like Eddie had such fun too!! x

  5. awww look at his super proud face! bless him!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x