Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Arty spoons and jungle football

"Mummy, I want to put eleven eyes on the monkey"

We've been waiting for three parcel and packet deliveries today. As it always happens, waiting for the postie is like waiting for Godot. It is a tedious task.
You literally have to sit not far from the door not to miss him.
I didn't dare to go to the garden with Eddie in case we miss the knock on the door, so to keep him happy I took out our crafting goodies from the parcel sent by Betta Living (fitted kitchen retailer) to participating bloggers (see my previous post Kids in the Kitchen).

Among many other lovely things we got a set of wooden spoons for decorating, as well as colourful pipe cleaners (does anyone actually use them as pipe cleaners? ever?), googly eyes, pom-poms and cut out foam shapes of animals.
Creating Wonderful Wooden Spoon Characters is one of 20 activities on Betta Living Activity List of things to do this summer both on a sunny and rainy day.

First we tackled the spoons. Eddie asked me to draw a face on one of them. Then he started to draw his own design and later glued several sets of eyes to it. He said it was an alien monkey spoon, and was very proud of his invention. I tend to agree, his alien monkey looks better than the design suggested by me (Eddie did decorate it with pom poms and fuzzy wipes).

Then Eddie wanted to play with foam shapes. I suggested he should do a jungle scene. He drew a path and trees, then I helped him to add glue to the animal shapes, and he glued them around. As he added shapes to the picture, he commented that the elephants were Mummy, Daddy, his brother and him, and apparently "we" were all playing football in the jungle, while the monkeys watched.

He also drew a picture of "an elephant trapped in a cage" (I guess, that comes from watching Dumbo). It struck me that unknowingly he came up with an idea similar to Antoine de Saint-Exupery's Little Prince. Do you remember a picture of an elephant swallowed by a python?!

As it happened, we missed the postie. I was hoovering and didn't hear the knocking at the door. Five minutes later I have found the red card on the rug at the door. Like Elmer the patchwork elephant likes to say; "Drat!". The couriers haven't arrived either. Oh well, at least we had fun while waiting.

If you'd like to have a go at a crafting session like ours, we used a GoCreat Animal Multi-Pack from Tesco.

Disclosure: we received a big box of summer activities' goodies to play with and write about it.

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