Thursday, 3 July 2014

Elmer and the Monster

For the last 25 years Elmer the Patchwork elephant has been bringing magic to many children across the world. Andersen Press has made the Elmer fans happy yet again, having released a new book in the series called Elmer and the Monster.

If you've read Elmer stories, you know that most of them begin with Elmer the patchwork elephant just starting his morning walk, when something happens. This time there is a great hullabaloo and pandemonium in the jungle. All the animals Elmer meets on his way are running in the opposite direction from where he goes. They are all terrified of a loud roar of a mysterious monster.

Nobody is brave enough to venture forward and investigate. It is up to Elmer to discover just who is this terrible creature making such a racket. I'm not going to spoil the story and reveal the identity of the monster, you will have to find it out yourselves.

Just let me tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed this new book. As The Times declared "David Mckee is a genius", and I wholeheartedly agree.
We love his style of illustration: humorous, entertaining, amusing, affectionate and sympathetic. The animals have antropomorphic features, just look at their facial expressions. The colours are bright and vibrant. Go through the pages of the series and marvel at the variety of the flora and fauna.
My guys have enjoyed our "spot the animal" games. We also like to count the monkeys or the birds as we read along.

Eddie loved the monster in the story, and had fun trying to roar as loud as the monster.
The latest story teaches is a lovely addition to the much loved series.

Lovable Elmer is always surrounded by friends. Eddie and I discussed his family recently: he has a cousin Wilbur, Aunt Zelda, Grandpa Eldo, then there is a little pink elephant Rose and a cute flying Super El. I wonder if he'll ever have a girlfriend or wife and a family of his own. Wouldn't he make a wonderful Dad?

To find out more about Elmer and discover all the books in this excellent series, check Andersen Press Elmer page.

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