Friday, 16 December 2011

All Babies Count - NSPCC

I am lucky. I have my two precious boys, and would fight like a tiger to protect them.
Sadly amost every day there is a new horror story about some parents who abuse and neglect their babies. Sometimes I cannot even force myself to read it, as it's too upsetting.

Some of you might have heard of "All babies Count" campaign (NSPCC).

Sudocrem, the UK’s leading nappy rash treatment, is delighted to announce a donation of up to £25,000 in total to the NSPCC. Sudocrem is currently supporting ‘All babies count’, an online campaign which will support the NSPCC’s work to prevent the abuse and neglect of babies.

Here’s how you can support All babies count:

Visit or tweet about the campaign. Sudocrem will donate 50p for each ‘like’ on Sudocrem’s Facebook page and 25p for every tweet using the #allbabiescount hashtag. Sudocrem will also donate 50p for every comment on the NSPCC Facebook campaign page:

In addition to this support, Sudocrem is also raising funds for the NSPCC by auctioning a jewel encrusted charm bracelet on eBay, designed by world famous jewellery designer Theo Fennell. Created from white gold and 24 rubies, the auction will open in the first week of December.

Ray Stafford CEO of Forest Europe said:
“Sudocrem has been helping to soothe sore skin for almost 80 years. The market leader in the treatment of nappy rash, it’s used by mums, dads and healthcare professionals everywhere. We are proud to support the NSPCC and their work with vulnerable babies and children”.
This is how you can get involved.

  1. Sudocrem will donate 50p for each new ‘like’ on Sudocrem’s Facebook page (Visit
  2. For every tweet using the #allbabiescount hashtag Sudocrem will donate 25p

I hope you will support the campaign. It only takes a couple of minutes. Thank you!

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  1. Have 'liked' - I agree, my heart breaks for those little ones who are abused or even lose their lives because of the cruelty of so called humans.

    Penny x